From a Resort in Puerto Rico: 5 Life Lessons That Will Keep You Happy and Make You Wealthy

A few weeks ago, I told you about the experience I had the first time I stayed at a luxury hotel.

Little did I know, I would be staying at another one a few weeks later. Funny how life works like that. You never do something, and then all of a sudden you’re doing it often. (I’ll tell you how this all came to be at the end of this post.)

As I said before, I’m a simple man. I’m not familiar with the typical luxury hotel crowd. But as I soon discovered when I arrived at the St. Regis Bahia Beach resort in Puerto Rico, there are all sorts of successful entrepreneurs and business executives at these places.

And guess what? You can learn a lot from these people.

Here are a handful of lessons that I learned during my brief stay. If you’re looking to build a successful business (or just make smarter decisions in the near future), I think these 5 lessons that I learned could help you as well.
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The Free Social Media Tool Everyone Should Use

You’ve probably already heard people proclaiming the usefulness of Facebook and Twitter for earning more money and building a business.

There are tons of apps, widgets, and thing-a-ma-jigs that claim to get you more followers and fans on social media. I’m not a fan of all that hype.

But I’m telling you right now: there is one social media tool that you have to check out.

I use it to automate 99% of what I do on social media and it has not only saved me time, but also increased the number of followers I have and resulted in more exposure for my work and my business.

Want to know what it is and how I use it? Keep reading…
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How to Find and Do Work You Love

As you know, here at Passive Panda we are building a community that believes earning more isn’t just about earning money. It’s about earning freedom, happiness, and satisfaction from our jobs as well.

In other words, our community believes in doing work we love and getting paid well for it. And today I have an incredible resource for you that should help you do exactly that.

Scott Dinsmore has made it his mission to help people find what excites them and build a career around the work only they are capable of doing. He recently gave a TED Talk on how to find and do work that you love.

As you probably know, TED is one of the most premier platforms for sharing new ideas. In other words, if you’re watching a TED Talk, you know you’re getting great information. If you’re the type of person who wants to love the work you do, then you’ll enjoy every second of Scott’s presentation below.
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7 Important Lessons Luxury Hotels Can Teach You About Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

A few weeks ago, I stayed at my first luxury hotel. Most of my life has been spent gorging on the breakfast buffet inside various Holiday Inns, so you can imagine that this prime time resort was a big upgrade.

And while the giant chandeliers were nice, I’m a pretty simple man. The biggest thing I brought back from my stay at the St. Regis Bal Harbour resort was a handful of lessons on entrepreneurship.

If you’re building a business (or thinking about building one), then I think you’ll find these 7 lessons useful. If nothing else, I know they have been important learning points for my own entrepreneurial career.
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7 Surprising Things Fashion Week Can Teach You About Marketing Your Business

Two weeks ago, I found myself in New York City attending Rachel Zoe’s private fashion show and wondering how I got there.

Before that night, the only runways I had been on were at the airport.

But don’t worry, it might have been unfamiliar territory, but I didn’t waste the opportunity. I did what any good entrepreneur would do when surrounded by supermodels. I analyzed the marketing strategies.

And I have to say, I learned a few things. In fact, here are 7 insights about Fashion Week that you can use to more successfully market your business and yourself.
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The #1 Business Credit Card, Why You Need to Get it Today, and $1,250 in Prizes For You

Alright, this is a short post and I’m going to get straight to the point.

There is a hot deal going on right now and if you’re a small business owner, you should take advantage of it.

There are 3 things you need to know.
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If I Started Now: How To Raise $29,000 (The Art Of Asking For Money)

This post is part of the If I Started Now series, which hands you the step–by–step blueprint on how to get started building a particular business.

If you heard about a young woman who raised $29,000 to support an idea she had, would you be interested in learning more about her story? Would you be interested in learning how you could do the same thing?

A few days ago, I spoke with my friend Sarah Peck. She’s in the middle of raising a boatload of money for a crazy idea.

Here’s what she did (and how you can do the same).
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If I Started Now: How to Start a Software Company That Makes $40,000 Per Month

This post is part of the If I Started Now series, which hands you the step–by–step blueprint on how to get started building a particular business.

Let me share a secret with you.

Software is the greatest tool for building a profitable business that the world has ever seen (even if you don’t have any money to get started).

Bold statement, I know.

However, once you’re finished watching today’s interview, I’m confident you’ll feel the same way.
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If I Started Now: The #1 Advantage Every Business Owner Should Be Searching For

Beginning today, Passive Panda will be launching a new series called, “If I Started Now.”

The goal of this series is to hand you the exact, step–by–step blueprint of the best way to start a specific business or side project right now.

Each week, we will break down a different niche or idea. For example, “If I started building a freelance photography business, what steps should I take right now?”

Already on this list: creating software/web apps/mobile apps, becoming a freelance photographer, building a blog, starting a charity campaign, and more.

Before we get to specific businesses, let’s break down the number one thing you should look for if you are building any business right now.
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Want to Start a Business? 10 Reasons You Should Start Now

There is no substitute for starting, and that’s true whether it’s something small like exercising today or something big like building a business.

You simply cannot replace the ability to take the first step, even if it is small. Many people dream, but few actually begin.

In two days, I will re–open The Remora Method and a private class of 100 students will join who will be guided along step–by–step as they start generating a side income from their own small business.

If you’re thinking about building a business or starting a side project of your own, then I encourage you to join us. Regardless, I encourage you to get started.

With that in mind, here are 10 reasons you should start building your business right now.
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