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If you want to earn more money, then you’re in the right place.

Hi there. I’m James Clear and I’m the founder of Passive Panda.

There are strategies — which I will share with you in a moment — that can help smart people like yourself earn more money, time, and freedom.

I’m confident that you’ll find Passive Panda’s approach to earning more money to be unique and useful.

What makes Passive Panda different…

At Passive Panda, we focus on the three pillars of earning more money… freelancing, employment, and entrepreneurship.

1. Freelancing refers to using your skills to generate income as a freelancer, coach, or consultant outside the confines of a company. It allows you to earn money quickly.

2. Employment refers to earning money as an employee of a business. Earning power is often limited as an employee, but we share ways to improve it.

3. Entrepreneurship allows you to earn money from your own business. It can have a big payoff. The wealthiest people in the world (Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.) are almost always entrepreneurs.

Passive Panda covers all three of these areas in depth, which allows us to teach you how to develop an overall earning strategy for your life. Maybe you need to earn money quickly. Maybe you want to progress in your job. Maybe you want to build your own business. You can be assured that no matter what your goals and circumstances are, we will have the information you need to earn more money.

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I have worked for years to strip away the clutter and confusion of earning more, so that you can get the essentials that truly work. Passive Panda delivers those essentials to you in an easy to understand format that you can implement right away.

Passive Panda will walk you through the process of earning more money. We offer articles and online classes that will hand over powerful strategies that guide you step-by-step towards the lifestyle you want and deserve.

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Passive Panda has been featured by dozens of mainstream media outlets including US News & World Report, American Express, Yahoo Finance, Lifehacker, and The Huffington Post … but I still think our customers are the best indication of our success.

Here’s what some of our customers say:

“One day after I read your material, I managed to start my first project and now, a little less than a month later, I’ve earned $910 on the side, which is actually more than I earn as a part time intern at the company I work for.”
—Cezar P.

“Your article on salary negotiation helped me grab a job where there is cut-throat competition.”
—Satish P.

“The points in this article are absolutely correct, and match what I as a 20–year expert advise my clients.”
—Mary–Frances F.

“This is everything a how–to resource should be: clear, succinct, actionable and — most importantly — tested. I wish every product was produced to this standard.”
—Lachlan C.

“This is required reading for anyone in the job market. I wish I had seen it when I was 20, instead of 70!”
—Red N.

Earning more money can change your lifestyle more than almost anything else that you do. What would you do if you earned an extra $1,000 or $10,000 every month?

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James Clear
Founder, Passive Panda

p.s. You can find out more about me on my speaking page.