Bootstrapping 101

How to Build a Successful Business Without a Large Investment

Bootstrapping refers to growing a business organically with little initial investment.

Bootstrapping is a great approach not just because it saves money, but also because it forces you to figure out a business model that actually works because you need sales to grow the business.

Here are 3 articles from Passive Panda that will help you become a better bootstrapper and build a business that you’re proud to own.

1. Every business needs a good name and strong brand. This article will help you develop a winning business name.

Business Name Ideas: The Secret Recipe for Cooking Up a Business Name That Brings In More Customers

2. Many entrepreneurs bootstrap their businesses by doing extra work on the side while keeping their regular job. That means that you have to become more effective and efficient with the limited time that you have. And that’s where the advice in this article can help.

The Truth: Why Trading Time For Money is the Best Way to Make More Money

3. Small businesses don’t have the budget to pay for tons of advertising or run an expensive marketing campaign. That means you will have to grow your business by word–of–mouth and through referrals. Read this article to find out how to do exactly that…

The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Referrals and Increasing Word-of-Mouth

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