Business Name Ideas: The Secret Recipe for Cooking Up a Business Name That Brings In More Customers

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The key to a choosing a business name that brings in more customers is to make sure you achieve two goals.

First, good names get the right kind of people in the door. When a prospective customer reads your name, they should be interested in learning more.

Second, good names are easy to recall. A name is useless if people can’t remember it. Meanwhile, a memorable name can be shared with friends, searched for on the web, and talked about at work.

And that’s it. If people remember your name easily and it gets the right people coming in the door, then it’s time to move on and do the real work.

So how can you come up with a name that does those two things?

Keep reading and I’ll tell you…

First, What Not To Use…

One wrong ingredient can ruin a perfectly good recipe and the same is true with a business name. Before you start brainstorming ideas, let’s talk about three common mistakes you should avoid (or at least consider) when naming a business.

First, don’t mess with spelling.

If your company sells wood and the name is Would4Sail … no one is going to write down the correct spelling of the name.

Is it Qualtronics or Kwaltronix? How do you even spell Qualtronics in the first place? Impossible spellings mean you won’t be remembered easily … or at all.

Along this same line, numbers are usually a struggle. Let’s say you start a company called 5 Minute Massage and you’re giving out mini-massages all across the city. The name is pretty good. It’s memorable and easy to recall.

But what’s your website? Is it or Do customers look you up in the phone book under “5″ or under “F”?

Second, avoid a geographic name.

Let’s say you start a company called Milwaukee’s Blinds and Beds … what happens if you want to sell blinds and beds outside of Milwaukee? It’s going to be tough to expand and you’ll probably have to rename at some point. Beware of boxing yourself in with a local name.

Third, avoid complexity.

Ever have trouble remembering a law firm’s name? That’s because Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca, Fischer, Gilbert-Lurie, Stiffelman, Cook, Johnson, Lande & Wolf has 10 partners and a really long name. (And yes, that actually is a real law firm.)

Usually one or two words is best. Try to stick to three at the most. Short names roll off the tongue easier and are much easier to remember.

OK, so what should you include in your business name?

The Recipe for Memorable Business Name

There are three key ingredients to remember when cooking up a business name that brings in more customers: schemas, alliteration, and the rule of three.

Let’s talk about each one…

The Power of Schemas

Perhaps the most powerful way you can improve a business name is by using schemas. A schema is a cognitive framework that helps us organize and interpret information.

For example, if I say the word “school” you have a certain image or thought or association with that word. You automatically think of things like education, teaching, learning, and so on.

Or if I say the word “murder” … you have a schema associated with that as well. You think of crime, hatred, and sorrow.

The associations, thoughts, and emotions that are tied to a particular word are what make up the schemas in our mind.

When it comes to naming a business, you can use the power of schemas to bring in more customers.

For example, the word “victory” automatically triggers a schema that brings back thoughts and feelings of winning, being the best, and playing with the heart of a champion.

If you made racing bicycles, then this might be the perfect fit. You could call your business “Victory Bicycles” and people would associate your bikes with winning.

Another way to use schemas is to pair them with something unexpected. This works best when it conveys the message of your business, but also creates a unique name.

For example, let’s say that you run a bar with a wide range of beers. You pride yourself on knowing all of the best microbrews and customers come to you for your beer knowledge. You’re like the librarian of beers.

The Beer Library would be the perfect name for a place like that. It hints at the sophisticated nature of the place. It’s an establishment for people who are serious about finding good beer. But it’s also a name that is the complete opposite of your typical library, and that makes it memorable.

It’s like a tax accountant running a business called Tickled Taxpayers. (“Tax returns so good they’ll make you giggle.”) Tickling taxpayers is a strange thing to do and the unexpectedness of the name makes it easier to remember.

By taking advantage of the common schemas associated with “victory” or “library” or “tickle” each of the names above tie their work to the thoughts and feelings that they wanted to be associated with.

Aided by Alliteration

Alliteration is the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.

Passive Panda is a good example. The “Pa” at the beginning of each word is alliteration that ties the whole name together.

Alliteration makes phrases easier for us to remember and that means it can do the same for your business name.

Think about the differences in these names…

Dancing Daisies compared to Beautiful Daisies
Toys for Tots compared to Toys for Young Children
Leaping Lizards compared to Jumping Reptiles

The use of alliteration in the first examples makes them easier to read and remember.

Using one of our schema examples, we could change the name of “The Beer Library” to “The Liquor Library”. It still uses the library schema effectively and it includes alliteration to make it more memorable.

Another way to use alliteration is to tie your name with the action that you want people to take.

An excellent example of this is my friend Corbett’s site called Think Traffic. Using the word “Think” tells the reader what to do when they consider the business.

What do you talk about on your website? Think traffic.

Want flowers? Buy them from Remember Roses.

Need a car wash? Get it from Wash at Willie’s.

Tired of counting sheep? Find a better mattress at Sleep Soundly.

Using action–oriented words like “wash” and “sleep” not only bring alliteration to the name, but also reinforce what the business actually does.

The Rule of Three

Did you know that our brains are programmed to remember groups of threes?

Larry, Curly, and Moe
Peter, Paul, and Mary
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

We see groups of three so often that it’s just easier for us to remember groups with a similar structure. (Compared to, say, a group of four.)

For example, it’s easier to remember a business named “Beds, Blinds, and Buffets” than it is to remember “Beds, Blinds, Boards, and Buffets”

If you simply say those two names out loud, you’ll probably realize that the first rolls off the tongue much easier.

As I mentioned earlier, shorter names are usually more memorable. But if you have to make it longer, then groups of three work well.

The Bottom Line

What’s the best name? The one the customer remembers when they’re ready to buy.

If you use at least two of the ingredient above — schemas, alliteration, and groups of three — then you should be able to craft a name that any good customer will want to remember.

What’s the name of your business? Leave a comment below and tell us!

214 Responses to Business Name Ideas: The Secret Recipe for Cooking Up a Business Name That Brings In More Customers

  1. Joe says:

    Interesting article. I’m just wondering what your thoughts are about my business name. Trailer Trash Design. I’ve been told by others that I should change it. I’ve been told by others that it’s very creative and memorable. I’ve only had one negative comment from a prospective client, the “we can’t work with a company with a name like that.” To them I said, “your loss.” Bottom line is, I’m keeping it. It’s memorable and it works. There is no confusing me with ANYONE else. I would like to hear your thoughts however. Thanks!

    • Barry says:

      Wow, Joe. If you’re so closed-minded (“Bottom line, I’m keeping it”), why even bother anyone for opinions?? I’m guessing you’re actually looking for allies, because you’re feeling outnumbered on the name that’s close to your heart.

      Unfortunately, the name will hold you back if you want to grow and be a more reputable firm with bigger, better clients, because here’s the real bottom line: would you ever invest thousands of dollars or more in someone proudly calling themselves trailer trash? If so, you’re in the vast minority.

      You’re right, there’s no confusing you for someone else. But not for the right reasons.

      I think you could keep the trailer theme (especially because many businesspeople know Airstream is a sleek, high end product), but the name could be more respectable and still be creative.

      • Alan says:

        Thank you for that answer Barry! What was the guy thinking?! I thought the exact same thing you said, why he was asking in the first place, being so closed minded about it and feeling he was a little insecure about the name since he was still asking! lol Too funny!

    • James Clear says:

      Hi Joe. Glad you found the article interesting.

      You should do whatever you think is best when it comes to Trailer Trash Design. My take, however, is that it could use some type of modification.

      This is actually a perfect example of schemas at work. When we hear the phrase “trailer trash” we associate particular images, thoughts, and feelings with that phrase. And in this case, those feelings are also associated with your design business.

      In the end, business is about solving problems for other people (and it’s nice to get paid for it too). If you’re missing clients simply because of the name, then you’ll need to think about what is more important to you: getting more clients or keeping the name.

      Obviously, only you can know the answer to that.

      • Kelsey says:

        I have really struggled with finding a name for my health and fitness coaching business geared towards women’s weight loss and wellness. You have provided me with great tips. It’s truly amazing how quick you come up with ideas and the tagline. I saw a woman’s business called Wholly Hannah Coaching and Training. I thought about Get Healthy with Kelsey, but I’d prefer something catchier. What do you think?

        • Karrie says:

          Kelsey, you could actually just shorten it down to “Healthy Kelsey”. Then use your slogan to further define what it is that you do. Similar to alliteration (use of the same consonant), this use of assonance (using similar vowel sounds) can be useful too.

      • Zolah says:

        Great article! My boyfriend and I are creating an online fashion business and looking for a cool, catchy, trendy name. We were thinking to use our names? My name is Zolah and his animate is Caleb. We were thinking C+Z or C and Z? Any suggestions?
        Thank you!

    • DK says:

      Visited your page and wanted to view your work when Avira Free Antivirus threw several malware warnings (on the bulletin board page). While it may harmonize with the Trailer Trash association and may be a false warning of some kind, I think it’s something you should definitely check & repair ASAP.

    • Frank says:

      I don’t have a business name as yet…still struggling with that issue. I accept your position to keep it but feel there is a middle ground you can find in softening the negative imagery. My wife gave me a handle for what I do…which is Bowen Therapy. She calls me “the bowenator” So I used it in my website, and email address. I am still on the fence with it but it is out there and people do respond in an Arnie kind of way. But the business name is still a challenge for me to appeal to a large audience looking for Alternative health practices.

  2. Ellen says:

    These are great suggestions but they seem geared toward product-oriented businesses. How about some suggestions for service-oriented businesses (accountants, writers, editors, web designers, etc.)?

    • Barbara says:

      Excellent question — just what I thought to ask myself!

    • James Clear says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Ellen. In many ways, I think you can apply the principles of schema and alliteration to service-based businesses. For example…

      Accommodating Accountants — “We make accounting cooperate with your business!”

      Select Script — “The choice for top tier writing.” (This one tells the reader to “select” the writer and also refers to the writing business as “select” or elite.)

      Error-free Edits — “I’s dotted. T’s crossed. Every time.”

      Design Yoga — “Flexible designs that leave you feeling stress-free.”

      • Lisa says:

        As a natural wellness practitioner I recently changed to using my name for website, social networking, etc. I follow that with a tagline. Is it best to not use our name then and rather choose a suitable name even for those who are service oriented?

        • James Clear says:

          There is nothing wrong with using a name, especially if you pair it with your face. Humans are excellent at remembering faces (ever have a moment where you say, “I swear I know them from somewhere!?”)

          I would make sure you get a good professional image and use it as your avatar on all social networks, you website, etc.

          P.S. The best choice also depends on your goals. Are you trying to build your personal brand? Or do you not care as much about your brand and just want a memorable business? That might help you decide the route that’s best for you.

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks for asking that question Ellen. I was going to ask the same.

  3. Juan says:

    Infoseek Technologies

  4. Mena says:

    Nice article, I actually sit with pen and paper to bring up a name which would sound cool and easy. I typed lists and eliminated the ones that aren’t available or don’t quite fit. At the end, I came up with a name… but your article really simplifies it down. Very helpful if someone wants to think about a name…

    My business name is: Tangy and Bright Designs. What do you think about it? What I think is maybe use the group way tangy, bright designs without the “and” I already have this short name TABD or T.A.B.D

    I feel it’s easy to remember. I even have it as a hast tag for my business on Twitter. :)

  5. Corey T. says:

    My Wife and I will be starting our own business soon and she came up with a name that I thought was perfect just needed a little tweak. The business its self is going to be a web design/marketing company. The name was LComm. I added a 360 to the end creating LComm360. I know it is going against your “what not to use”, but I feel that being at the end of the name and a very commonly used number people will understand and read it the correct way. If I could get any feedback what people felt or imagined what the name meant would be very helpful.
    Great article James!

    • James Clear says:

      I think you’re right about the 360 in this case. You almost never see someone spell out “three sixty” or “three hundred and sixty” … so you’re probably safe there.

      That said, “LComm” is very vague. In my opinion, that company could be anything. My only guess would be that it has something to do with communication.

      Just some feedback — take it for what it’s worth.

      • Dan Laue says:

        Lcom is already a business with a web presence selling communications products. You might want to move away from that name as it will cause some confusion and 360 it’s in many of their product names as well

  6. Joy Mo says:

    Interesting articles. my biz name is

    I suppose there are so many aspects to consider when it comes to a business name. Some would even think about Fengshui. But I think business name is still a relatively minor matter in deciding the success or failure of a biz. For one thing you can always change it. :)

    • James Clear says:

      Good point, Joy. Names can always be changed. Sometimes it’s tough because we’re attached to them, but in the end you have to make the best move for your business.

  7. Oski says:

    Green Glass! What do you think? It’s about handcrafts of recycled bottles. :)

    • James Clear says:

      Not bad! I like the alliteration. Maybe add one more work to clarify what it is that you do?

      Green Glass Art?
      Green Glass Handcrafts?
      Green Glass Creations?

      Just some ideas…

      • Oski says:

        Yeah James, Id like to use one of those for the whats new in english, but my local market speaks spanish, Im from Chile, and they get often confused, I also like to add

        Green Glass Bottle Artisans , but is too long right?

        Or Green Glass Artisans! thats it :P

      • Hilary says:

        Green Glass Gifts?

  8. Jenn Swanson says:

    Thanks James…great article! I think one of the hardest things I found was naming my business…and part of the problem was what domain names were available. I went through several before CommunicationDiva came to mind, and was amazed it was available, so I jumped on it. I like your simple and sound advice. Do you have any for selecting tag lines?

    • James Clear says:

      Good point. Domain names can be tricky. If you’re doing business on the web that is an important part of the process and it can limit your options.

      Creativity helps though, there are still a lot of great domains available.

      As for taglines… they should either 1) tie into the theme of the name or 2) be unexpected. Or both.

      Angel Accounting — “We work miracles!” (tied into the name)

      Burger King — “Have it your way” (unexpected from a fast food chain)

  9. I really like the tips in this article. My business is Revitalize Health Coaching (, and I work with people who are tired of diets that don’t work and want a real solution to their weight problems.

    My example: “No diets, no do/don’t lists, and no deprivation!” I like to think it’s catchy, as well as true. :) Thanks for the tips!

  10. ForDivers says:

    It was hard for us to find a cool 2.0 name so we went straight to the point For Divers, a website where you´ll find everything you need to dive.

  11. Just when I’m struggling since one week to find a good slogan that explains what I do, this email arrives! Perfect timing and perfect advice that makes a lot of sense. I am a creative person by nature but here I’m at a loss. I called myself a spiritual teacher over 15 years ago when it was just as bad as mentioning new age! So reluctantly I changed to Life Coach and Spiritual Coach when the word coach became fashionable. Since five years went back to Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach. Somehow they don’t sit well with me. The web is inundated with spiritual teachers now! For me spiritual has nothing to do with religion but for others it equals religion!

    How do I make myself stand out? I’m the authentic thing! I’m in this to genuinely help people not to get rich. Yet I do need to make an income. To help people to find the Light within, awaken them to Higher Awareness, lead them to Higher Consciousness, Self Empowerment, break out from their self imposed chains! I have many long years of experience and training behind me. I’ve done my work discretely so far. I think its time to change that now and to break lose from my own box! I’m at a loss. I do Raja Yoga which means I focus on developing the 6th and 7th spiritual senses! Intuition and the Higher Mind! What should my slogan be???? What would be a good 3 word slogan for me? I wonder! -Margo and

  12. Matt says:

    I run my own career coaching business specializing in the sports industry. My target market is college students, grad students and young professionals who are looking to break into a career in sports.
    My company name: “Voice of the Box” (VOTB) is a play on words that leverages my 19 years as the PA Announcer with an NFL team. I am open to ideas/opinions to use your principles and come up with a new name that helps to clearly articulate what I do.

    • James Clear says:

      Are you helping people who are interested in broadcasting specifically or just getting a sports-related career?

      • Matt says:

        I help my target market put a search strategy in place for the sports industry. Not just broadcast.

        • James Clear says:

          OK, right now it seems like a broadcasting company. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to combine your experience with the job.

          The Sports Job Broadcast — “Send your resume across the airwaves and land the sports job of your dreams.”

          or you could work it into the tagline … “Let this broadcast professional reveal the ins and outs of the sports job market to you…”

  13. Sri says:

    I am still not sure to keep my business name as Red Clay Solutions or not. Any suggestions or thoughts about this are appreciated.

    • James Clear says:

      After reading the name, my primary question is “What do yo do?”

      Do you create things from red clay?
      Do you provide red clay?
      Do you fix clay that’s broken somehow?

      What type of problem would I have when I call you? I would think about how you can work the specific problem in somehow. Make sure the right people know you’re the one to call.

  14. Good points! I made your list with most of my websites:

    They are:
    GoodtoBeYou ok, 4 words, but 2 are really short ;)

    Sparkle Plenty Designs (3!) but we had to hyphenate the site to sparkle-plenty

    MadnessMomandMe is my crazy failt blog (3 Ms)

    and my charity is PegsPresents (.org) used alliteration again on this one – love that alliteration!

    Thanks for letting us mention our sites, and I think Joe’s Trailer Trash Design IS catchy – makes me want to find out more!

    ~ Lee

  15. Sri says:

    Thanks James for this great Article. I am really struggling to come up with a different name for my consulting business. We provide software solutions and web application development using Microsoft latest and great technologies . We are currently going by the name Red Clay Solutions ( but domain name with .com is also taken. Any suggestions or thoughts about this name are greatly appreciated.

    • James Clear says:

      Hi Sri,

      Well, now that you said computers I have very different things in mind.

      If for some reason you really want red clay to be in there, then I would remove the word solutions because it doesn’t tell me anything about the type of business.

      Red Clay IT or Red Clay Web Apps would be better.

  16. Joan says:

    I make dream catchers, but have always just used my name for the website. I do have the option to change it. What would be a good name? Sweet Dreams Dream Catchers? Delightful Dream Catchers? I have always struggled with a name, so kind of opted out by just using my name. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • James Clear says:

      Interesting. I kind of like “Sweet Dream Catchers” … it’s a nice combination. “Sweet Dreams Dream Catchers” seems a little long and wordy.

      Another option is to think of a surprising word — something that isn’t usually thought of with sleeping or dreaming — and combine it.

  17. Sherry says:

    Great article James. I have struggled with a name for quite a while. I have purchased quite a few domain names (which is getting expensive) and no matter what I come up with I still am searching for the “perfect” name. I open accounts for a green company and help people earn a residual income, so I have names such as; and these names address the safe products side while the and addresses the working from home earning money side. Any suggestions on which would be the best one/ones to use all the time?

    • James Clear says:

      After reading that list, I think Successfully Green is the best of the bunch. I would stick with one and run with it.

      I would rather have one great domain with a solid audience than own a lot of good names and do nothing with them, you know?

      • Sherry says:

        Thanks for replying so fast. Would you suggest not using then? I get most of my hits on that site because people are looking for info on unsafe ingredient. When they request info I then talk with them about opening an account to purchase the safer products. Successfully Green is for people that are looking for a way to generate extra money. Would you use both? Your thoughts.

        • James Clear says:

          I guess I would keep them separate, but you might have to make a tougher decision than “Do I combine them?” and that decision is… “What should I spend my time doing?”

          Usually, I say go with your best idea and then build it. You only have so many hours and it’s rare that you can build something substantial if you’re split in too many directions. Obviously, I don’t know all the details, but that’s my take.

  18. Sherry says:

    Thanks James, I hadn’t thought about combining them. Will definitely give it some thought. I really appreciate your input!

  19. Will says:

    Great Post!
    +IGOR has a great whitepaper on naming.

    Guide [PDF Link]:

    • James Clear says:

      Thanks for sharing, Will. Glad you enjoyed the article.

    • Frank says:

      Wow..went to the site. Had no idea there was such a complicated process to names. I have trouble with coming up with an appropriate one for my business. The process and evaluation is daunting, but you put it in perspective letting everyone have the tools to work with. Thanks!

  20. I’m struggling with my business name, wondering whether to ditch it or keep it. It’s called Light Trick Photography.

    Before reading further, can you stop for a second and think what kind of image that name creates in your mind, before I tell more about it?

    My thinking behind the name was along the lines of ‘trick of light can make or break an image’, ‘take use of a trick of light to create a beautiful image’ etc. My problem is that I get quite a few hits on my website from people who are looking for ‘trick photography’…

    Would be grateful for any thoughts!

    • The name isn’t going to help you get the clients you want easily; it can be doable with strong SEO, but picking a different name might be a good starting point to get clients easier. My method is always keeping it simple, understanding the basis and executing them well will make any business successful :)
      Ping me if you want some more advice. thanks.

  21. Gail Page says:

    Hi everyone
    I’ve just found this discussion and think it’s great how everyone is sharing ideas etc; especially James!

    Katariina, my first thought was photographs that had used a trick of the light to make them standout.

    I wonder if the group can help me regarding my business. it’s called Positive Pathways so firstly what kind of business do you first think on when you read this.
    Next;my tagline is Vision, Strategy success. But I have never found it easy to explain what I do. I tell people I am a Business Coach and Trainer but they go “Oh yeah” and the conversation kind of stops. I do a lot of Team Building and Transforming Communication workshops and leadership Development coaching and I love what I do. I just wish I had a really snappy way of putting it across and a different tagline that piqued people’s interest.

    I’m at a crossroads in moving my business forward folks so any feedback that is constructive would be so appreciated. And if I can be of help to anyone out there please do ask.

  22. Bernadette Frazier says:

    This article is PHENOMENAL and bound to help thousands! Thank you.

  23. Argel says:

    Does anyone here like the sound of “Serene Homes Realty”?
    I’m specializing on eco-homes and eco-condominiums, mostly high end.
    What do you guys think?

    • James Clear says:

      Serene sounds peaceful, which I’m sure many people want in their home or condo … but it doesn’t really touch on the eco or high-end parts.

      Maybe something like “Elegantly Eco Realty” or “Elegantly Green Realty”?

      Just some thoughts to get your wheels turning…

  24. Sheila says:

    I get such great advice from you! I have some sites with names I really don’t like, but I was new at this and didn’t know any better. I have an new site called CiviWarBuffs-Store. I like it because it rhymes, for one thing. What do you think? Love Passive Panda!

  25. Ryan Gensert says:

    After reading this article, I feel I have made a great choice in choosing the name for my business – The Car Community. The site is all about cars, and the community represents all the car enthusiasts of the world connected as a “community”. The site is fairly new and my team and I are “thinking traffic”.

    Thank you for your site, it is really helping me to achieve success in my endeavors.

  26. Godfrey says:

    My company is named “livingdesigns limited” dealing in house design and construction. I’m glad I gave it this name. Now my wife who deals in acrylic nails will have to read this article before naming her saloon. Thanks James.

  27. Hi James,

    I am a new reader of your blog and this is the first time I’ve been ‘brave’ enough to leave a comment ;-) . This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me. I’m currently in the process of setting up a new blog that I hope to turn into a business down the track. However, my progress has come to a complete standstill at the moment because I am stuck on finding a name that I really like and that has the domain available.

    I am a teacher and my blog will be about helping make the life of a teacher easier, saving them time by providing quality resources, ideas and tips. I would like to help teachers build a richer learning environment, thus making a better classroom.

    With this in mind some of the possibilities that are available include;

    I feel they are not quite there yet. Someone mentioned to me that I need to find that ‘power’ word that will really connect with my target market – teachers.

    Any ideas, advice or feedback from anyone would be awesome. Thanks for reading my loooong post.


    • James Clear says:

      Hi Melinda,

      Thanks for working up the courage to comment — your thoughts are always welcome here. :)

      As for the name, I think you just need to get out the Thesaurus and start looking up related words and brainstorming.

      Also, it might be helpful to think about names that describe what you do as well as names that describe how you want the visitor to feel. For example…

      What you do…
      Teaching Teachers
      Training Teachers
      Top-Notch Teaching

      How you want them to feel (like a winner, smart and enlightened, etc.)…
      Illuminated Instruction
      The Illuminated Instructor
      The Enlightened Instructor
      Teaching Wins

      If you just brainstorm some names and look up the related words, then eventually you’ll hit on something that works. Hopefully that helps get things going for you.

      • Hi James,

        Thanks so much for making me feel welcome and providing me with some ideas. But, I think you’ve done the work for me. I really liked one of your suggestions so will probably go with that one.

        Top-Notch Teaching. I really like this as it sounds a bit fun while not sounding too ‘pompous’. I tried it out on some of my teacher friends and they really liked it too. So thanks very much :-D .

        Now the next hard part, the tag line…. So far in the brainstorming I have:
        - Saving teachers time while maintaining quality
        - Help the teacher, save the time
        - Dynamite teaching

        I quite like the last as it’s straight to the point and then if I shorten my name to TNT it fits quite well.

        Anyway I’ll keep playing around with that. But thanks so much for your ideas!

        • James Clear says:

          Nice. I like the play on words with TNT and dynamite.

          Obviously, “dynamite teaching” works well.

          Other ideas could include something that hints more at the “top-notch” part…

          “Burst to the top of the teaching ranks!”
          “Dynamite teaching tips. (So good, they’re almost dangerous.)”

          Anyway… glad it helped!

  28. M. Tohami says:

    Thanks for this comprehensive guide. My blog name is … Do you think it is good enough? or How would you improve it?

    • James Clear says:

      Sounds pretty good. Makes me think it’s in the personal development realm, which I think is accurate.

      It’s a bit vague, but so is personal development, so there might not be much you can do there.

  29. Fred says:

    Dear James, it gives me great joy reading your articles every time. Want to know what you think about my business name. It’s Potter’s Touch Services – “Molding you into excellence”.
    I call it PTS for short.

  30. Moshood says:

    Thanks James! My company runs on producing eductional materials as well as offering coaching to become a creative entrepreneur. I just registered the business name as ‘hostler creativepreneur builders. Is it catchy?

  31. Gail Page says:

    Hi there
    My business is Positive Pathways. I really need a punchy tagline.

    Any thoughts to start me off? I specialise in Leadership development, Team building and Coaching for organisations and business owners.

    Great discussions.

  32. Kim Wennerberg says:

    I’d love to pick your brain on something a little different than a business name – but rather an event name – an event I would like to offer repeatedly. I’m a realtor & am hosting a homebuying seminar. I don’t want it to sound blah-boring. I’ve thought of “Home Sweet Homebuyer Class”. Not sure the most attractive term to the consumer – class, seminar, etc? The ad copy will contain the tease/urgency/need to attend too – but I want the name of the seminar to stand out.

    Would it be crazy to use a long name? Something along the lines of

    No Fluff – No Hype – No $ Down
    How to Buy a Home in TODAY’s market

    Too much??? I toyed w/ using “101″ in the title but this is geared towards 1st time AND repeat buyers and felt the “101″ might turn away repeat buyers.

    Any thoughts are appreciated!! :)


  33. Dan Laue says:

    I have just registered a new name we will be fixing broken iphone, iPod, iPad, and MacBook pro’s mainly just screens and broken stuff. This was the only name available for this type of repair service and I believe it’s catchy and people will remember it well.

    I’m looking for input on the name and logo for that.

  34. Aurus says:

    Great post, James! My mom and I are starting a new business so this was very timely. I showed her this and another article I’d found and she said she liked your piece more. She said it was well written and that she found it to be more helpful despite being relatively simpler. I agree!

  35. Kevin says:

    My wife and I started an advertising and marketing company earlier this year called Silence Breakers “Breaking the silence on the best kept secret in the world…your business”

    One of our largest problems that I think this article forgets to mention is picking a name that you can have a .com to. (or .org, or .edu what ever you need). It would be unwise for someone else to open a marketing compant called silence breakers and have to open up a website under, because most people will go straight for the .com. Alot of their hard work to market themselves would go to us… not that we would complain. :)

    Check us out at, we alwais welcome any tips or comments that anyone has as well. I love this Passive Panda community!!!

  36. Babu Subramaniam says:

    Need a domain name to help raise community awareness for a doctor who has been treating cancer patients for free and now has been restricted to do so by the federal government.

  37. Jamie Hatch says:

    I had a hard time coming up with a name that I have thought would be catchy and memorable.
    What do you think of Crochet By Jamie?

  38. Matt Tanguay says:

    Hey James,

    I remember Eben Pagan talking about alliterations. He was explaining how we have a phonetic loop where after hearing something, we play it back in our brain a few times. Then, if you use repetition (Dancing Daisies)… it gets into that loop more easily.

    Or something of the sort :)

    Great article!



  39. Lovely Chu says:

    Great post here. And is timely because I will open very soon my other venture a small one. I will name it Beauty Basics. I hope this name will rock my business.

  40. Nahum Laufer says:

    A friend sent me a connection to your site. I would like some advice on the name of the business.

    I am marketing award-winning quality Documentaries with educational value to university, college and community libraries in USA and Canada.

    I work out of Israel and have a USA webmaster I wanted to use docs4education he decided for docsforeducation.

    Yet I feel we made a wrong choice on “Docs” as on Google search you get Doctors.

    We can change the name to doco-dramafor education or Israeldoco-drama or just

    What you say?

  41. Joe Babb says:

    I was directed to this article by a person in another forum. Great article. I am currently trying to find a name for my decorative ironworks business. I am a blacksmith and create distinctive original high end items from steel. So far we think we need the word “Forge” in the name somehow. Need to find something to go with it to make people think of elegant metal work. Ideas?

  42. Keri says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing this! I’ve always been really terrible at naming things, but this just makes it ridiculously easy. You have no idea how helpful this is to me. Thank you!

  43. Hi James. I am building a new site Called “Down, Not out” at The premise is overcoming failure or disappointment, getting motivated, encouragement in tough times, stories of achievement, getting up after a fall.. etc

    I just have not been able to come up with a great tagline or motto so I can start designing a logo and branded social media profiles.

    Here are some ideas I have been using in my social media ads so far:

    “Failure is NOT an option”
    The Fat lady AINT singing today!
    Its not over until You say so
    Its going to take more than that to keep me down
    The art of Falling to your Peak (kinda play on words)
    Its only over when YOU quit
    If you fall, get up. If you cant, reach, and we will grab hold
    Its Your Time
    Rock Bottom is just a stepping stone
    Crush the Rock AND the Hard Place
    I’m Just to important to quit
    Your work is not done yet

    …. none of these really exemplify what the site is all about


    • James Clear says:

      Without taking a detailed look at what you’re doing, I can say that “Rock bottom is just a stepping stone” is clearly the best of the bunch. It ties in well with the name and it inspires people to keep going.

      • Thank you James. I actually liked that one too. But after reading Joe Vitale’s book on hypnotic writing, he makes a very good point about your focus.

        Chapter 14 he talks about the main social triggers in advertising always tries to get the reader/viewer to focus on their pain (eg. “got back aches, or Are you swimming in debt, we can help”. People use this technique often because frankly, it works.

        But Vitale says the world is focused on their pain enough, so why contribute to that. Lets try to raise the consciousness of the world by focusing on pleasure and love.

        With that in mind, we decided to change our name from using rock bottom to focusing on what my target audience is actually after.

        Thus was born.

        We are now focusing on encouraging people to make an amazing life “Comeback” so to speak.

        Still have not settled on a tagline/slogan as of yet. So far we have used

        Get Coached
        Come Back! Your life misses you
        It’s time to plan your Comeback

        But I am not crazy about any of these. If you have any suggestions that incorporate “Comeback” that would be fantastic!

  44. Amry says:

    Hi James. Recently I’ve been planning to build a new blog around the theme of custom developed software to automate stuff. Blog-walked from Think Traffic and found yours, and found this great article of yours on naming ideas.

    So I just registered a couple of minutes ago, and there’s still no content (not even any webhost yet for that). It sound nice to me, and I think it fulfills the “Aided by Alliteration” rule, and maybe the “The Power of Schemas” too?

    If you get around to reading my comment, let me know what you think. Thanks!

    • Amry says:

      Ah yes, and by the way, I cannot say that I was not influenced by your adjective-animal naming convention. :)

    • James Clear says:

      I think it’s a good start. It doesn’t say much about software, but it’s definitely a memorable name … which is a great thing.

      How you select the rest of the branding (logo, tagline, and content) will go a long way to determining if the name works well.

  45. Richard says:

    Starting an application company and my business name ideas are Simply Appified or Applied App Solutions. Which one do you prefer?

  46. Just Me says:

    I am so thrilled that I found your article! It is amazing and I love your suggestions.

    I am a Spanish teacher (and also do private tutoring). This summer, I will be offering classes to students that will prepare them for the upcoming year in Spanish (the next level up from the year they will have just completed). I will be reviewing and strengthening their comprehension of the material that they learned in the most recently completed level of Spanish and then teaching them some of the grammar concepts that they will encounter in the next level of Spanish in the upcoming year. This is cut down on the frustration of both the student and the teacher, as every year I see students come to level 2, 3, etc. from a prior level and they do NOT have the foundation to succeed. This causes the teachers to be frustrated and the students to start the year feeling already defeated.

    I am really struggling to find a catchy name for the class. So far I have brainstormed a little but nothing jumps out at me. Any suggestions would make my day! I’m sorry for the length of my post but I know that the more information I give you, the more you have to work with!


    Future “A” Spanish
    Secret to Success in Spanish
    Spanish Prep 4U
    Be Prepared
    Get Ahead in Spanish
    Raise the Bar

  47. Michael says:

    James I am starting a business based around tobacco cessation and weight management. I am a tobacco treatment specialist (the cessation sensation):-) and an obese and weight management health coach (guru):-). I created a wildly successful tobacco program for a hospital and called it Aspire. This name is still being used; I like the approach of suggesting moving toward change in a positive way. Smoking cessation program names often challenge and create defensive attitudes in the people they are trying to reach. I motivate, teach and counsel people on how to make change happen. I do not tell the smoker to quit, I walk with them, gain their trust and increase their confidence-they do not need to be told for the umpteenth time to quit smoking. For the overweight person I do not insult them by telling them to quit eating so much and exercise. I listen, lead, create trust and clear the path. The common approach to smoking cessation is based around the word “quit” and too often these programs have an assumptive approach. I use motivational interviewing and obvious passion and concern to make a difference in the lives of my patients-clients.
    I share all of this only to give a sense of the mission. The business plan focuses on the corporations who seek direction on tobacco cessation primarily with the added value of the weight management as needed.
    I give motivational presentations followed by educational classes combined with small group and one on one counseling.
    My name often creates interest thanks to a series of scary movies and a comedian-Michael Myers.
    I am open to combining schemas, alliteration and the idea of one 2 syllable word up to the 3 word group.
    This program while informational and inspirational is as much about believing in self, believing in something greater than self, changing, breathing, restoration, way of life, aligning ones values, life purpose, discovery and freeing ones spirit, as it is about losing weight or moving past smoking. But it boils down to my success in becoming a household name as the smokers friend who helps the smoker quit and the wellness professional who saves the company money.
    What if any ideas would you have for me?
    Many thanks!

  48. Great advice! So far I’ve named my business TRUE RICHES Financial Ministries (with an emphasis on the TRUE RICHES). It’s providing financial education and advice on how everyday people can understand, properly manage, and plan their finances to position them and their families to enjoy life’s true riches, those things that matter most to them. Do you think the name is too vague. Also I’m trying to come up with a tagline. So far I have come up with “breathing life back into your future” or “helping people discover their abundant life” and there’s more, but I’m still brainstorming. Any feedback on the name and tagline would be very helpful and I grateful! thanks!


  49. Hi,
    I have had a real go of trying to establish a good business name. A college suggested not to get caught in a Cull-De-sac. She said, why not just use my birth name as I should be proud of what I am trying to accomplish, much the same as any other practitioner. However, I’d like a little advise. You would not be entering my name in google if you are looking for someone experienced in Reiki Therapy. Here is what I have on my business cards. I was also told I need to register my name because unfortunately instead of spelling out Therisia I only used the T.
    Here is the top line of my my business card;
    Maria T Larson. RM,RT,RP. Reiki Energy.
    Please advise, if you can, it would be much appreciated, I started to learn about self-employment business just over 5 years ago and have been trying to develop my own business just over a year and a half now.

  50. Reddy says:

    Thanks James for the article. Choosing a name is really difficult, it should be done keeping many factors in mind like branding, keywords, relativity to the product & many others.

  51. Gus says:

    Great article! I’m starting a business, which will supply packaging supplies to companies for shipping/protection/design, etc. I had a difficult time coming up with something unique, so I defaulted to my name and named the company Pullen Packaging. I’d love to hear any other suggestions or if you think this is a good name or not. Thanks!

  52. Bogdan says:

    Greetings, James!

    We run a small family business built upon my (I’m the husband) experience of over a decade of creating (mostly) websites that over the years served millions (yep, that’s right) millions of people. At this point I’m rebranding the business in ordear to appeal to and atract international customers, mostly through freelance websites. While I love designing and programming and I consider myself pretty good at this, it’s only with my wife’s help that I can achieve something great with my work. She just completes me.

    So, while I have the knowledge and the experience to understand a client and deliver on a project, I find myself too subjective to think clearly about my own business. I can work for others, I just have a hard time doing the same job for myself. Ironic, yes? If you’re wondering how I’ve been doing business over the years, I got work mostly from word of mouth and local referals. It’s been a hobby that provided enough money for one person, however now that we’re a family, we need to expose ourselves to a larger client base.

    More to the point, we provide mainly web design services (with a bit of branding), web development, copywriting and some creative writing. I’m thinking to promote a clear message about what we do, something along the lines of: “freelance creative services” or “creative work that deliver” or “pixels that work” – however, I find this to be a bit too general and I need help pinpointing on something catchy, descriptive and easy to remember.

    I’d like to add that although I feed myself with professional articles such as yours on a regular basis, it’s the first time I’m commenting on one. Yes, you had that much of an impact on my state of mind. Your input would be greatly appreciated!


  53. Brian Jones says:

    Another great article James – thank you! I am glad I found you on the Freelance Boot camp course over at tuts+.

    You made some great points and I should sit down and possibly reconsider, although I think the 2 names we have set may be ok and am interested in your feedback.

    First, I am an aspiring web and graphic designer looking to start freelancing this summer. Because I am just starting out – I wanted to stay local and gain experience before opening a studio with my brother (My niche may be in the Hair and Salon industry as this is the field my wife is in, and the hair and salon websites – 98% need complete redesigns as the sites are horrible, or the businesses have no online presence at all). Due to the local idea – I came up with Seven27 Creative. Seven27 is spelled out for my area code (727). I did not want the name to sound like an area code (seven – two – seven) so I spelled it out as seven(7) 27(Twenty seven). The name I think has a nice “tone” to it, states what I am (creative) and tells where my market is (727) (although I would like to expand eventually with more experience – which is where my brother and I’s business comes into play)

    For my brother and I’s business name – we went the acronym route and came up with ideal WINDS: A Web – IT – Networking – Design Studio. We plan on opening by 2013 and will provide web design / development services, IT, graphic design and networking solutions). This I think has a nice flow to it and I believe is quite easy to remember. Without going into the full meaning of ideal, this fits us and our business ethics to a perfectly.

    Thank you for your continued support to the community and I look forward to continuing to learn more from you!

  54. Jodie says:


    We are opening going to start importing stone, travertine and marble, eventually going into bathrooms and kitchens.

    We are going to be selling quality products at affordable prices, and are stuck on a name any ideas?

  55. mary ann says:

    This is very helpful! i’m getting some better ideas…

    mmm i’m still stuck on a name for my holistic nutrition health coach business offering nutrition/fitness consultantions, weekly meal plans, tips, sharing stories etc. around the philosophy of bio-individuality meaning no one diet works for everyone, clean eating & intuitive eating meaning eating healthy wholesome natural foods and avoid processed food and eat what your heart desires of course aim for healthy choices.

    for some reason, this name ‘eat clean daily’ just doesn’t cut it for me. i wanted something like three word phrase that is more personal and has a warm feel to it.

    thought of this:

    chard with love

    dancing dandelions (i’m afraid this has no relevant to my business?)

    spinach kale beet (again is it relevant?)

    i like those that are already taken:

    full o’ life
    my new roots
    eat with forks
    envy nutrition
    eat more kale
    eat your kale

    your suggestions would be lovely.

    thank you!
    mary ann

  56. mary ann says:

    forgot to mention the tagline to my above comment:

    improving your health one meal at a time

  57. Sixto says:

    I’m looking to open up an PC Repair, Selling IT and looking to grow as well. Like business networking, etc. I would like help in a Business Name. Thanks

  58. Debbie Hart says:

    Starting my own business and struggling with a company name. My business will be in the customer service industry and I will be a service evaluator for small businesses. Some ideas: 1st Class Viewpoint, Service Evaluator Extraordinaire, ExpectPro, Professional Expectations.
    Any ideas?

  59. Karen Strohmeyer says:

    Starting a cemetery preservation and headstone repair service. I will also do gravesite maintenance. Was thinking of the name Troubled Tombstones. A bit of a difficult service to name well without being too flippant.

  60. Jackie says:

    I am looking into a huge career change which is a scary step but I feel really pasionate about what I want to do. I have an idea I want to really exployer something that wasn’t mentioned. What are your thoughts on using acryomns. I want to use the acronymn as part of the name and it will be create it’s own word. It wont be a misspelling of the word. I am learing about sharing exactly what I am thinking cause I don’t want it taken before I am ready to utilize it.

  61. Bob says:

    Looking at opening a physical therapy (physio) practice and all the names I think of are taken. What do people think of when they hear physio?

  62. Amanda says:

    I’ve been trying to come up with a name for a salon. It’s more like a day spa type of business really. I’ve tried coming up with many different names and when I was in cosmetology school (a while ago) we had to do a project where we created our own salon. Back then I used the name Peaceful Panda, because Panda Bears are my favorite animal. I thought it was ok, but just doesn’t sound sophisticated enough for what I am looking for. I’ve come up with a couple more names:

    SaHaira (thought about making it SaHaira Spa or SaHaira Day Spa)

    Solace Salon and Day Spa

    I want something that makes people think of a peaceful, relaxing weekend getaway. When I first came up with SaHaira Salon and Day Spa that’s what it made me think of. I really do love the name, just not sure how catchy it is or what other people think of when they read it.

    • The name might depend on if you want to market online or not, that might make a great difference. Online they find you, see you at the top, great reviews, click on your, call or fill our a form…

      If they drive by, see the name on a flyer, then you might need to add more of a ring to it, OR design the flyer or brochure very well to make it engaging.

      One concept is in whatever marketing material one uses the goal should be to receive a phone call or drop in (conversion); that takes on a whole new world than a flyer saying “Hi I’m here” feel.

      Does that make sense?

  63. Ian says:

    I wish I had read this before calling my site Alpha Male Examples! It’s an excellent article but sadly for me I found it too late!

  64. Adie says:

    VERY helpful article! I would love some advice! I am starting a child psychology practice doing testing, therapy, behavior management, and working with kids with autism, ADHD, behavior problems, anxiety, etc. I am big on collaboration with everyone in the kid’s life– teachers, parents, pediatricians, etc. I also do a lot of training of students, interns, etc. I would like my name to reflect all of this in some way. I was thinking of “??something?? Psychological Services” and then some tagline that goes along with it, but not sure what the ‘something’ part should be… One idea I recently came up with is that I think the word ‘bridge’ would be neat to somehow include– the city I live in has a prominent river running through it and several bridges, AND I like the symbol of a bridge as something that gets someone across and obstacle and that it connects different parts. But Bridges Psychological Services just doesn’t sound right.

    Any thoughts?

    Other terms that I feel are symbolic in some ways that I am bouncing around as ideas include: Village, Ability, Able, Solutions, Affinity, Constellation, Crescere, Schema…

    THANK YOU! : )

    • maja dimnik says:

      Dear Mr. James Clear,

      your article is great and helpful a lot. Infortunally I still can not find name for my company. If you can help me with suggestions, I would really love it. I am opening travel agency – but really different than we know travel agencies. I have lot of different products(trip to chocolate factory, different weddings such as at Masai people, on boat,…., dinners with knights, safaries in Africa, houses on trees,…. – as you see a lot of different products and all in style.
      And I am stuk with a name :( , also because I am from Europe and I want name to be also international. Something between: luxury, elegant, life, discovery, world, different, …
      Please help me …. I wan’t my name to be catchy and everything you said in article.

      Yours sincerely,
      Maja Dimnik

  65. Cece says:

    Hi, I found your article at just the right time! I’m going crazy constantly trying to come up with a business name and tag. I found your site to be very informative. I’ve tried applying the techniques you mention for coming up with a business name….but still!!…nothing seems right. My business idea concerns selling books (new and used),running a bookclub and reviewing books…everything you can think of associated with books, my stall and website will provide. If yourself or any of your members could suggest any names ideas and a tag line for my business i’d really appreaciated it.

  66. Maria says:

    Hi James,

    I am a franchisee as a nutrition coach and promoting a nutritional product aiming to set up my own website and business email address. I have been racking my brains out for a fews days for a domain name, but nothing as yet.

    I have come up with a few but sadly they are all taken. The one that I wanted was but not available until 2014. I would love to hear your suggestions on a domain name for a nutritionist/Health coach.

    Kind regards,


  67. Rory says:

    Hi, I am starting a moving company in my upscale neighborhood though I am struggling to find a name, I love your suggestion re schemas and alliteration, I would primarily like to do large home moves locally, providing the best personnel, service, trucks and equipment, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  68. Billy Baxter says:

    Hi James,
    I have had a website running for former servicemen to help local customers around the uk called helpfulheroes but want to expand it to use all emergency services as well – police, firefighters, ambulance and nurses. Helpfulheroes is no longer relevant (it is but the word hero is more associated with armed services than the others). Helpfulheroes worked very well and is a great reflection of exactly what the business is for – using capable, reliable and trustworthy people to help you as a customer. I cannot come up with another good, catchy, relevany and available name to use for all services together. Lots of offers and ideas but none wrth using I believe yet: Central Services, Uniform Service, Heroes and Angels, Myservice, Callout, Can-do, Service-able, etc.
    Any help would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks so far for all the points and tips here.
    Billy B

  69. Amanda says:

    Hi James,
    Loved the article! I’m still stuck on a name for my company. I am a financial advisor who specializes in insurance, estate and retirement planning. I have worked for a company for years and am branching off on my own and really want to stand out! Please help!

  70. Zoe says:

    Wonderful issues altogether, you just received a new reader.

    What could you recommend about your publish that you just made a few days in the past?

    Any positive?

  71. Nigel says:

    Great article James! Who would have thought it was so damn hard to come up with a business name that works?!?! and of course all I want to do is get on with it. I’m in the midst of creating an online business that will be targeted at film students. So far I have come up with a couple of names but am now stuck on using the word ‘flick’ somewhere and can’t seem to let it go!!! I have come up with flickability and flicktopia so far… your thoughts on these and/or anything different that might work would be very much appreciated!

  72. Audrey says:

    Hi there! I think the tips for coming up with a good business name are great. I love the idea of asking a question and then answering it with your business name. My husband are starting a process serving company which will serve summons & complaints on defendants named in a legal action. I posted below a question and two versions of an answer (answer is company name), what do you think?

    Want quality? “Think accurate serve” or “Think accurate & served”

    Thank you

  73. Michelle says:


    I love this blog and need your help. I am a health and wellness coach looking for a good name. I want people to find my services desirable’ valuable yet fun and non intimidating. I want to target women who are overweight and need to find health and balance. Ive got and

    I hope to find a name that says I help women get healthy in a unique way


  74. Edna says:

    I feel extremly good to stuble on this, you are helping out in branding ones business. Am a makeup artist and my business name is Simpletouch Makeup. This sounds good to me but i need a second opinion on this and i have also been unable to get a slogan. Your suggestion is welcome

  75. Nicketa says:

    I am looking out for a catchy name for a food business similar to meals on wheels in India. Something that the people color relate with. Please do help me find a name.

  76. Patti says:

    If this is still being updated, I’d love some advice. I’m starting a (very) small business to sell my glass art. It’s mostly underwater-themed…coral reefs, jellyfish, etc, in glass sculpture form, although some pieces deviate from this theme. Any suggestions?

  77. Crystal says:

    I came across this article just now as I myself am struggling with my rebrand business name. I like the idea of the catchy 3 words. Currently I have Crystal Lee Web Productions – it seemed easier to use my name when I started out. I develop websites (not design) any ideas?

  78. Jennifer says:

    I am starting a health, fitness, and massage business/coaching firm. I came up with “De-Stress Yourself” What do you think? Tag line “Lifting your stress one day at a time.” Please comment.

    • James Clear says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for commenting. It nice to have your thoughts here.

      So, you’re coaching health, fitness, and massage professionals on how to improve their business? Is that correct? If so, then I would adjust the name based on the service you provide and the problem you solve. It’s true that those people might be stressed about figuring out all the aspects of running a business, but the name doesn’t make it clear that you’ll be working with them on their business. From an outsiders perspective, I would think that you offered massage or anxiety relief services to people who are depressed/anxious/overwhelmed … not business coaching services for health professionals.

      Hopefully this helps point you in the right direction!

  79. Faridah Saman says:

    Hi James,

    My boss commented on rule of schema to me yesterday. Since then I am cracking my head and could not enjoy my sleep till I get the right name.

    I am setting up a centre for information and community service for my University with the idea of providing database for people who needs help and people or organisation that giving help. We are provide free medical and physiotherapy services and looking for smart partnership with others under their Corporate Social Responsibility. My target groups are our students for their clinical services/postings, individual or companies for their CSR programs and people in need for medical and other supports.

    I proposed Centre for Industrial and Community Partnerships to my boss but he rejected it due to schema reason. He said people relates industrial as work and he wanted me to improve on community as charity.

    Applying the rule of schema and alliterations to this I would go for Centre for Information and Community Collaborations ( CICC). For the tag line…I still searching.

    Kindly advice.


  80. Fiona says:

    I am setting up a mobile and studio based Spray Tanning business. Am struggling with a name and need to order business cards etc. I would love a suggestion.


  81. Amit Taneja says:

    Thanks for the insight! I am starting a real estate business of buying/selling/renting houses. I have been thinking of a name for the last couple of weeks, I have zeroed on the fist name which is DABS and last would be real estate. Can you help me with it?

  82. Nina Salveson says:

    I enjoyed your article. I am reconfiguring my business and am wanting to introduce a new name that speaks to the soul, transformational and life purpose coaching and healing work that I do. I have been gravitating toward Sacred Roots (Coaching) to speak to the level with which I work with people to get to the depth of their truth and soul in their life purpose. Getting to the roots of peoples values, principles, passions and gifts is sacred, soulful and gets to the roots of who they are.

    Another idea after reading your article is a little lighter, with humor, Lift Off Living (LOL). Still seem to gravitate to Sacred Roots.

    Thanks for your comments

  83. Chris says:

    Hi there,

    Love your ideas… what names would you suggest for a rental property management company that is home based and online… a business run fom home.

    I am really stuck on this one… any ideas?


  84. Maggie Moore says:

    Hello there James! You have a great article here, and from the looks of it, could probably have a wildly successful business name generating service–your suggestions were brilliant, and your advice is far more helpful than anything else I’ve come across!

    Because you’re obviously so dang good at it, (and everyone else I’ve consulted isn’t… lol) I’d love to ask your opinion (*see compensation offer at the end of this note ;)

    I’ve operated a small jewelry and photography business for over five years under the name “Maggie Moore Designs”. I’ve taken a hiatus to further my skills and relocate back to my hometown, and with all of my children now in school, plan to reopen and reenergize both facets of my business, but particularly the jewelry (I work only with precious and semi-precious materials).

    My problem is two-fold: (1) finding a way to offer/include both services under one name; and (2), finding a word other than the overused “designs”, “creations” etc.

    My deepest passion is neither jewelry or photography, but intentional living that focuses on care of one’s self (body, mind, spirit); care of others; and care of our earth home. I would like to tie this mission into my business name somehow, as I already use both ends of my business to serve that purpose whenever possible (sending heirloom seeds with jewelry orders; pro-bono photography for good causes, etc.)

    Also, the people in my (somewhat rural) hometown have been incredibly supportive, and I owe a great deal of my success to that support. I also draw heavily on the beautiful natural surroundings here in Central VA for inspiration: rivers, mountains, fields, sunlight, etc. Those are things I find myself thinking of of as I come up with this name as well.

    I’m going to list for you some of the ideas that I have, and if any of them strike you as good choices, I’d love to know! But if you find your wordsmith self thinking of other possibilities, I would be delighted to hear them and would gladly offer a piece of my jewelry as compensation for your creative energy ;) Here’s the link to my etsy store, and the names I’ve come up with lately!

    1) Rare Earth Studios ~ Organic Jewelry & Photography
    2) Bare Earth Studio ~ Organic Jewelry & Photography
    3) Roots & Wings (Studio, Gallery?) “There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings.”
    4) A play on ‘home sweet home’ that includes earth…
    5) Utopia by Design
    6) Eutopia (means “Good Earth” in latin)
    7) Good Earth Gallery

    One other note that might inspire: I would ideally like to have a name that could expand to become an actual local art gallery… it’s the dream within the dream, to create a place that inspires my little community to be creative, help one another, etc :)


  85. Daniel says:

    Your blog has been very helpful towards my company although I cant come up with any company names. The company that I’m going to start up in a couple of years is going to be for hand built boutique sports cars.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

  86. Liz McLean says:

    Hi Barry,
    Firstly, Thank you for your interesting article on Business names. It certainly narrows down the stress and uncertainty of coming up with a catchy name. I am about to start my own cooking workshops for adults. I also want this to be a social event where people can meet eachother. One of the classes I’d like to run would be for Lesbian women as I feel there is a hole in the market for Lesbians to meet. I was wondering what you think of my suggestions so far: Girls Gone Gourmet,Lez be Cooks,
    She Cuisine, Lick Cuisine, Les Cook or for regular classes; Let’s go Gourmet, Cuisine Cooking Classes, Let’s Cook, Cooking Creations, House of Cooks? Thanks for taking the time to read my comment. Liz

  87. Salman says:

    I really enjoyed reading your article. I would be grateful if you could suggest to me few names. I am starting up a new business consulting company with services like business management consultancy, training, seminars, translation services, public relations.

  88. nita says:

    hai… Im thinking about a name for my sports company.. Which sells sports equiment… What bout Victory Sports…

  89. Crystal says:

    I am a zumba/zumbatomic(zumba for kids) instructor and mommy and baby fitness instructor. I am looking to start a business offering classes to moms, baby and kids. I was thinking fabulously fit, glam fit mommy, fun fitness, fit with crystal???? I need it to be able to attract moms but still be able to use for kids fitness and zumba classes to people who aren’t moms. I have tons of ideas regarding the business…but I am so stuck on choosing a name. Please help!

  90. Janise says:

    Great tips since I am in the process of pick a domain for my blog-to-be out of the brainstorm list… Thanks!

  91. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for this article. I too, have been struggling with coming up with a name for my ceramics business. I have molds that I pour, clean fire and paint.

    There are many names that friends have suggested that I don’t really like. For example, The pour house (gives a me a negative thought), fired creations (too plain for me).

    This is actually causing me to have delays.

    Any Ideas?

  92. Amy says:

    Great article! Before finding this I had almost decided on a PC repair business name, so now would love feedback :) The idea/name is;
    Pink mouse PC’s
    Any comments appreciated x

  93. Theresa Dennehy says:

    What a great website, I have just found it, it is really interesting, I have dilema. I want to start up a mobile businees in Spray tanning and them Massage, I am qualified in Holistic & Hot Stone massage but work full time in finance , i am struggling to come up with a name. Do i just concentrate on the Tanning business first and then build in the massage element later.
    names I have though of: Tantalising Tans, Tan Tastic, and Relax & Tan, all ideas and feedback would be appreciated

  94. kelly says:

    Hi i was wandering what your thoughts where on the name Eat Me Sweet the a as a cupcake for my business i sell cakes cookies sweet trees that sort of thing

  95. Wendy Potts says:

    Hello I’m starting up a business with chairs, covers & sash’s, with all the trimmings of table decorations ie mirrors, candles, petals, pebbles. I’m sure you get the gist I don’t want to aim my business just at weddings as I also want to do parties . I came up with ‘So Beautifully Covered’ which no one else has, the problem is no one looks that impressed when i ask there opinion.
    We have had few other ideas but they have been used, I would like to stand out a little bit as there are quite a few businesses same as mine.
    Thanks wendy

  96. Christopher says:

    Hi James,

    Thank-you for the article, there are some really great ideas here and your examples are fantastic.

    I’m currently in the process of coming up with a business plan and business name for an acupuncture clinic and thought about ‘Go-acupuncture’ although there is already a US website with this name.

    I want to practice using the Bach Flower Remedies in combination with Acupuncture and initially wanted a name which reflects this or ties in with it in some way although I’m not sure if I can find a suitable name.

    I like
    ‘Acupuncture Central’ with a tag line of
    …find your centre but this has nothing to do with flower remedies and acupuncture.

    A good idea, yes, no? (Any comments welcome).


  97. Just wondering what you think of the name Coronado Molina Group. Based on my fathers last and mothers maiden name.

    Thank you

  98. RK says:

    Good work & thanks for this article. I just wanted to start Car service and repair center. I am loooking for a good name for the same. Please can you suggest any names.

    Appreciate for your help.

    Rgds Ravi K

  99. My company name is California SEO Professionals, trying to keep with it as well, however the logo is getting tough to design…
    If I go by California SEO Pros, seems to have a different feel.
    Humm…what are your thoughts on that?
    Thanks very much!

  100. Alissa says:

    Red Pen for Rent – I’m a copy editor/proofreader and reluctant writer

  101. RK says:

    It was nice to see this blog and found interesting. Great work.
    I am planning to start car repairing and washing center. So please can you suggest me something different business name for the same.

    Rgds rk

  102. Jessie says:

    I wanted to use Dream home realty for my new company. I found out its already in use how about referable realty?

  103. Mike says:

    Some great ideas on here.

    But Im still struggling to think up a great name for a leaflet distribution business.

    Any ideas welcome :)

  104. monica chavez says:

    hello, im from Peru and i live in Florida, I’m starting a catering business , i have no idea what to name it , I’m around Spanish and American’s i need a name that booth will remember.Please help me

  105. Rebecca Smith says:

    I have a really common name but really struggling to come up with a name for my jewellery business? My full name is Rebecca Elizabeth Smith but go by Becky but even this is very common. Any suggestions would be great! It’s just my jewellery that I would be selling. :)

  106. Abdul says:

    Hi I’m looking to set up a letting and management company and struggling with a name please can you help

  107. Desi says:

    James, I need help coming up with my husbands business name. He is a handyman kinda guy does roofing, siding, framing but also an expert at lawn and landscape, tree removal. I don’t want to have the word handyman in the name or “jack of all trades”. I’ve been playing with words like home improvement but when thinking of home improvement, landscaping doesn’t really come to mind. I want a name that when people hear it they know what he does but I don’t want to be so plain as to name it “Landscaping and Home Improvement”. I played with “Lawns and Living” but that wasn’t very creative and “living” doesn’t really tell what he can do. Also I want people when reading the business name to think ‘that’s a strong professional business’ not ‘oh I could call that guy to come plunge my clogged toilet’… can you help please?

  108. My current business is Breakthrough to Body Love, which I’m in the process of changing. Partly because “breakthrough” is a terrible word for email marketing (ranks high in the SPAM filters) and partly because another coach is trademarking “Body Love Breakthrough”.

    I’m toying with different business names, domain names, taglines, etc. that center around concepts such as self-love, self-acceptance, self-worth, self-esteem, body image. I work with women who want to transform their relationship with their body and with food. I’m a health coach who has recovered from an eating disorder and has lots of experience with emotional eating.

    Any thoughts?

  109. Kristina says:

    My friend and I are starting a cooking business. It will start with baked goods with some gluten free options. Later we may expand to organic baby food and homemade meals. We were thinking of using the word “kitchen” or “kitchen creations” in our name. Maybe Kim & Kristina’s kitchen? Any other ideas? Maybe one that doesn’t include our names? Thanks!

  110. Inge Scott says:

    I am a newbie at this and don’t have website yet. I want a name first. My site will have articles written by me and guests about healthy foods, alternative healthcare, green living, etc. I want to also promote businesses that offer the same. All the names I come up with are taken. Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Inge:
      Have you tried
      In the past when working with startup companies or my own ventures, I would open up that website and an excel spreadsheet and start putting in potential names and listing them in the spreadsheet.
      I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t do this and kept putting in redundant names :)
      If you would like some assistance, contact me at and it would be fun to help you out. I always love the different phases of starting up a website/business :)

      Sanjit Mandal
      California SEO Professionals

  111. Vanessa says:

    Hi, great to see this article on my first time on the site, although I’m not sure how old it is?! Anyway I’d love your help if you can manage it. I”m starting a strategic communications company and need a name.. Best we’ve come up with is Maypop Media. Our tag line is “expert advice from master plan to message”. Any help would be much appreciated.

  112. Katie says:

    I am amazed of all the creativity thrown around on this website. I am having trouble myself. I have thought of my tagline, but cannot come up with a simple catchy name. I am going into photography and follow the tagline, “Capturing personality in a photograph” because I enjoy taking pictures of people that show their true inner self or inner beauty. Anyone can fake a smile for a photographer but a great photographer can capture the impossible photograph.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

  113. Ricky Mahoney says:

    Hi James,
    I have just started up on my own as an elecrtican but im really struggling with a name for my company as my front. ive tried so many combinations using words as dynamic, elegant, platinum to add a few without luck. i seem to find they have already been used and adapted too. ive also noticed alot of companies in this trade have just used their enitials at thr start of electrical. I really do not want to do this, if you could help me out at all that would be great. I thought about incorporating the word spark into the name too?

  114. Belinda Martinez says:

    Trying to help my husband name his start up business.
    So far I’ve came up with:
    “Superiority Security and Fire”
    “Swift Security Sytems”
    “Rapid Rseponds Security and Fire”
    “Alert Fire and Security”

    He works with fire alarms and security alarms and cameras. He installs them and as well designing them on the the floor plan where they should go. He also wants to consult his designs to bigger security companys. He wants his business to do contract labor as subs to the bigger security companines (access control, cctv and alarms). He also wants to include fire alarms and other low voltage things like intercomes and networking. Provide alarm monitoring and maintenance contracts. But he doesn’t want to be stuck with another name that categorizes him as another mom and pop alarm company. Absolutly has nothing to do with residental home alarms either. Unless it’s the White House ;)
    Do you think you can help me?

    • Shannon says:

      Just reading through the names you listed, I think it’s important to note the spelling: I think you mean “response” instead of “responds”. Also, the word “superiority” gives off an air of ego. If you’re going for that one, try “Superior Security and Fire”.

  115. Pavel says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for a nice article. I am trying to find out a name for a landscaping company in Czech Republic. I read some useful hints here although some of them are harder to apply in Czech language. Thanks anyway.

    All the best.

  116. Patrick Chan says:

    Your article was incredibly helpful and I wonder would you guys comment on a name I have chosen for my new company which sells e cigarettes and nutrition.
    Health redeemer


  117. Alicia Uhacz says:

    I am a junior at Washington State University and I am majoring in Digital Technology and Culture. My specialties are IT work (as in if you have an issue with your computer/phone/etc. I can try to fix it), web design/coding, photography and writing. Writing is more of a hobby, I suppose, but I like leaving it available for people. I have decided I want to get myself a company name, maintain a website, handout business cards, etc. I will just be working out of my home, but I still will work for people. I have been racking my brain, reading a million “how to pick a name” articles, and I can only come up with one and I don’t think it’s all that good. Uhacz Tech. Uhacz is my last name, so I want to incorporate that, and it’s pronounced like “You-ha-z” which is similar to you have in my mind. So, it would be like you have tech, except Uhacz Tech. But I don’t know that people will get that and I don’t know that it’s all encompassing with regards to all the services I offer. I do want to incorporate my last name I think though. Any ideas? Thank you!

    Alicia Uhacz

  118. kunal says:

    dear James,
    i am very much impressed by your article and want to appreciate you on your marketing skill.
    james i am opening a discount card business in India which will be diversified to many sectors f and b the prime.
    it will also have a website by which clients can get the information of the discounts available.
    sir,please guide me with naming options and the criteria by which i can keep the name so that it can be attractive and catchy. thank you.also i dont want to keep deals or card after the name as it is too common.

  119. Philippe Jacques says:

    Dear James,

    I’m trying to find a good name for my company, I’ve read your articles and it’s very interesting. The company name searching is a CGI company name for a studio. I’m doing 3D modeling for presentation, animation, visualisation. Anyway, I have so many ideas but everytime I think I have found the good name, it’s always unavailable. I made some iterations with CAD, VISUAL, IMAGE, PIXELS, STUDIO. My last idea was SOAP (Studio of animated Pixels) what do you think of it. Is it a good idea to use acronym?

    My other ideas were: Creozone, Pure Fiction Studio, Lost Colors, OctanBull, Ideo Nation

    But I find SOAP very original…

    Please can you help me see clearly into this maze of brand names?



  120. Larissa says:

    Dear James, I was wondering if you could help me. I’ve been struggling to come up with a name for my website. I’m an artist/fabricator/sculptor, that does mostly horror related sculptures. I’m having a really hard time coming up with a name and I’m just completely frustrated. Thank you.

  121. Felicity Hilton says:

    Thank you James, my partner and I enjoyed this article and have taken on your advice while trying to discover our business name. We find the schema approach very useful and have had some success but struggle to agree, haven’t quite cracked it. We are from Australia so your words of wisdom are far-reaching, good for you.

  122. Jen says:

    Great article! We are currently looking at changing the name of our business as out services have changed. We specialize in promotional products anything from pens, uniforms, give aways, cups …etc anything a company could want to put their logo on. We are currently T.O.A (the office assistant) but are finding people think that we are a office supply store(like granden toy) we do offer printing services and design personal stationary (wedding invites, birthdays, showers) and are a bit stumped as to what to now call ourselves, I was thinking something like “Brand It” or ‘Promo Pro’s” would love your input.

  123. Hannah says:

    Good morning~
    I am amidst dreaming of starting my own health coaching business and have been playing around with some different names. I loved this article, and it has really helped me to see what names would work best, but I am still struggling to come up with something great! I wanted to play off of the idea of cravings, but put a spin on it. When people think of cravings, generally it brings to mind something delicious, but almost forbidden. I want to spin it to incorporate cravings in a different way- we can crave sleep, we can crave exercise, a healthy meal, a better relationship etc etc. Basically, I want to turn it into something positive! Originally I was just thinking of naming it cravings health coaching, but am stuck as far as choosing something that differentiates me from others, but also is a strong name! Cravings Cured Coaching? Craving Courage? As I am at the very beginning of all of this, I am open to any and all feedback, and am looking to learn as much as I can! Thank you so much for such a great article!

  124. Miranda says:

    Hi James,
    GREAT article! :) I learned a lot, however am still trying to think up a name for my new business. I’m going to be selling vintage silk magic wrap dresses/skirts to begin with but want to expand to include all of my talents, art, photography etc. I like colour and everything is rather vibrant. I’m just having trouble finding a name any help is much appreciated. :)

  125. violetta says:

    I am starting a line of clothing and thought of the name Beauty Bleeds.
    I will be taking vintage clothing and modifying it. I also will be making designs out of sustainable materials, such as bamboo velvet, organic cotton, hemp etc. I will be using natural dyes for the fabrics.
    let me know what you think of the name.
    thank you!

  126. Hi James
    Fab article. I think you are very creative!
    I’ve sold greeting cards for the last 7 years but want to start a facebook business page and change the domain name to my website. It’s a big decision as I only want to do it once. Reading your article has effectively wiped out all my ideas- at least I know what NOT to use now! My email address includes the words “cardlady” but I feel marella the cardlady is a bit cumbersome. I sell cards, giftwrap and associated stationary items but they are not made by me, I buy them direct from the publishers and sell as an independent trader. (a bit like selling Avon)
    The best I can think of is simply cards, lulu cards or redletter cards but to be honest, I don’t think any of them are great, just ok. Any help here would be much appreciated! Thankyou

  127. Rachel Hicks says:

    Hi, I am in the process of starting a small business where I re-finish, paint, shabby chic furniture but will also be making things from pallets, reclaimed wood, etc. Was thinking either Hicks & Sticks or Backroads Loads. Any ideas?

    • Julie says:

      I don’t know how long ago you posted this as dates aren’t referenced on here. How about shabby to chic?

  128. Julia says:

    I’m really finding it difficult to decide on a name for my business. The first plan was to sell school shoes but then people adviced I sell back to school things too such as, uniforms, school bags, lunch bags, under wears etc. which I am going to do also. The problem is a name. I had “school ease” in mind but I’m open to suggestions please. Thank you.

  129. Dominique says:

    Good evening. Thanks for the great tips. I’m a vegan fitness and nutrition coach and I’m struggling between using VegGoddess or my actual first and last name. The reasons why I’m struggling with VegGoddes is because I feel it might be targeting veg(ans) and veg(etarians) who are female, when I really want to attract everyone (male female and vegetarian or not) What do you think about this? Veggoddess is what I call myself and I am unsure if VegGoddess is appropriate for offering fitness and nutrition services.

  130. Veronica Earley says:

    Hi My name is Veronica Earley this was very helpful, but I still am having a hard time coming up with the right name. I am starting a Life Coaching/Motivational Speaking business speciallizing in anger management,dealing with trauma, and relationship coaching. I will be working with juveniles and families. And I will be lecturing to an audience of Dept. of Jobs and family services, schools, courts systems, things of that nature. I wanted to use my maiden name of Ross and/or incorporate my mothers name into it which is Elsie Louise, my mother was murdered in front of me and I survived so I thought her name would be a good idea, any ideas please help.

  131. Ben says:

    Hey, i love this article and am looking for a new name for my graphic design business right now. I originally named it “Promqueen Productions” which ties into an old nickname i used to have. You may laugh, but my thoughts were: “If people like the product, and its good quality for low price, who cares what the exact name is?”

    however i am starting to feel like a name change might just be a good idea. Are there any ideas you guys may have?

  132. Christina says:

    I love this article. I am opening a new division of my bath and body products company and I am really stuck on the name. Every name I choose is over used when I google it. The two I chose were Bombshell Body Products and Hot Pink Heart. The idea is to sell really glamorous and unique bath and body items such as whipped cream sugar scrub, self tanner etc. Please help I am having writers block lol

  133. I thought this would be a cool article URL to post:

    4 Big Trends in Choosing a Business Name


  134. BetsC says:

    Hi, I have two questions about naming/branding my fitness company.

    I am a certified personal trainer with a passion for bootcamps, personal training and nutrition. I love my business name, Concrete & Iron ( I am expanding my business to include nutrition coaching and am having trouble coming up with a name for my nutrition program. I feel like I need the word “nutrition” in it to take the guess work out of what I am offering, but I am stuck with trying to come up with one or two words to put in front of it? My initials are BC and I thought about calling it Betsy’s Core Nutrition to use a play on words starting with my initials, …just not sure? I like it, but there is another local business called Core Fitness and I don’t want to confuse my nutrition services with their fitness services when I advertise locally. I really like the word “core” but not sure if I should go with it? And, my second struggle is coming up with a business tagline. Currently, I have “eXtreme Fitness Bootcamps & Personal Training” but because I choose to name it Concrete and Iron I get confused with “building” materials. Should I continue to build on my tagline or change it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks so much, BetsC

  135. Serina says:

    Hi, great post very helpful. I’m still struggle trying to come up with a name! ; ) I a health and wellness coach, trying to educate people on food and how it is killing people..and educating them on how to lose weight and get their health back and off medications. What do you think of these

    Heart healthy coaching
    Health & Wellness Makes Your body Smile
    Take Healthy Coaching
    Health Happy Clinets
    Silvas Passionate Health Coaching
    Sweet and Passionate Wellness
    Sivas Passionate Wellness Coaching
    Life Style Change & Health Coach “Not a fad diet, but a way of life, and a healthy glow!”

    Soooo what do you think lol?? So conflicted.
    S Silva
    Thanks so much!

  136. Marietta says:

    Hi James! Great article. Easy to read and encourages to read on. I’m at an impasse for a name to describe what I do. Basically, I was exclusively involved in researching Egyptian mummified remains for a museum. I have given so many free talks about it to groups of children and adults at schools, and libraries, that I think setting up some kind of business will help me earn some pocket money in my retirement. I begin with storytelling and integrate history, science, technology and language arts in an hour presentation using radiographs but I can also provide workshops and presentations on Roman Civilization. Both areas fit beautifully in the school curriculum but also intrigues adults. The Egyptian talk is interesting because my research only involved heads – there were no bodies attached! From these I discovered, all kinds of fascinating things just taking and using radiographs. Have you any suggestions for a business name? Additionally, I’m thinking of naming my website (still not created) fromheretoantiquity. Too long? Thank you for your kind consideration. All the best and keep blogging!

  137. Mark Ernest says:

    hello! i love your article.
    im opening soon an esl online school for japanese students. and im having difficulty formulating business name. i wanted it to be short,easy to pronounce and memorable. can you help me with this? i would greatly appreciate your ideas.

  138. clare says:

    Hello James, I am an Complementary Therapist, I am starting to make and sell my products from Bath Bombs, creams, soaps etc, from natural products and can’t think of a name for it, I would like to use my own name in it as my products are personal to me. please help. thank you Clare

  139. Cara says:

    Great article! I have been struggling with naming my interior design business. I was thinking of a one word name Inspire, I had also though about Inspire interior design services. Any thoughts?

  140. Lyricl says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for your article and the tips for naming a business names…it is just what I need.

    I’m starting a business where I will provide various professional business services for companies and/or individuals. Things like tax prep, notary and signing agent services, business and personal correspondence, resumes and interest letters, travel services to name a few. Ultimately I would like to provide virtual office management (virtual assistants).

    Because there is such a variety, I was thinking Professional Business Solutions but it’s taken and now thinking that there a probalby hundreds of business names that play on those three words and I probably wouldn’t stand out much. I like Virtually There which plays on my ultimate goal but doesn’t really speak to the other services. So now I’m at a loss; any suggestions for something that will encompass such a variety but is still catchy?


  141. Lyric says:

    Great article…and just what I needed. I’m starting a service business where I will provide a varitey of services, tax prep, notary and singning agent services, travel service, personal and business correspondence, and eventually virtual office manangement.

    I like the name Professional Business Solutions but that’s taken and of course all three words are used so much that they don’t stand out. So I’m at ground zero for a business name and would love to hear any suggestions.


  142. I agree with your post. This is really valuable information to optimize our business. I will consider your tips for choose my business name.

  143. Edna says:

    I’m starting up a customer service business but came up with 0 ideas. At first, it suggested “E.T. customer service” but someone said it’ll be associated with movie. Do you have any suggestion?


  144. Julie says:

    I’ve been struggling with a name for months now and oddly enough the first time on this site I happen to stumble on this naming page.
    Hopefully you can shed some light for me….
    My plan is to open a Management Company. The company will have three divisions: Property Management, HOA Management, and Event Management.

    My last name is Wright … but then people won’t know how to spell it.

    I love owls and where I live is the home of the Virginia Hoo’s so I was trying to incorporate owls and Hoo’s. I came up with Hoot or Hoots but I feel like that would be too childish and again with the spelling thing. So I abandoned the whole owl/hoot idea.

    I’m looking for something to incorporate all three but I’m at a loss. XXXX Group or Enterprise and then divided in to XXXX Property Management, XXXX HOA Management, and XXXX Event Management. Or should I just pick a name not worry about the divisions.

    So frustrated! Here’s to hoping anyone out there can help. Thanks in advance!!!


  145. Mike says:

    I’m trying to come up with a name for a personal development site for men that covers confidence, fitness, and relationships. I came up with ‘up the alpha,’ but idk that seems pretty vague if people don’t know what an alpha male is. Also, with professional development sites I feel like sharability is a problem-most guys don’t want to share a site on facebook that makes it look like they are consciously aware that they need to improve themselves. some other names ive brainstormed:

    The modern masculine
    Warrior and Philosopher
    Modern Alpha

    I can’t find a name that pops like I want it to.

  146. vicki says:

    I do not have a website but am trying to come up with a business name. I am a nutritionist with a strong interest in basic health -i.e. the need for minerals before anything else. without these things go awry. “Think Health” was my main name suggestion. Would you have any ideas?
    Thank you.

    Like all the others I think your article is of great benefit to all

  147. I came across this Matt Cutts video about “How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?”

  148. Fiona says:

    I’m an art therapist looking to launch a small business. As a mental health professional, my focus is not art activities, but using art making as a vehicle to help people reflect upon and explore their lives.
    I’m thinking of 2 possible business names:
    The Artful Guide or Art with Heart

    Would so appreciate your thoughts, James.

  149. Kelsey S says:

    Hi James! This is a great article! I’m starting a business/practice with another friend of mine right now that is about health and wellness. We are both Registered Dietitians who focus on whole foods and all around wellness and although we have put together a lot of our business plan, we struggle with finding a good name. Any advice!??? Thanks!

  150. Kimchi says:


    I usually use my name in my web and grpahic design job. Is it ok to use my name in my business? Or should I create other name instead?


  151. Beth says:

    Be Health ~ Living Healthy and Strong Longer is what I want for all.

    Can that be on my business card as is? Feedback and Suggestions Welcome!

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