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Passive Panda does it’s very best to provide you with the greatest information possible. However, we do not print money, offer magic bullets, or sell get–rich–quick products.

You will be expected to work very hard to get the full benefit of our products. Any testimonials, quotes, or results that are mentioned should not be considered typical. We promise no specific earnings and we cannot guarantee results — monetary or otherwise.

Disclosure Policy

You can trust what you find on this site.

Passive Panda has never offered paid advertisements or sponsored text links and I have no intention of changing this policy in the future. The site is, and always will be, supported by the readers.

However, from time to time there are affiliate links on the site. If you click on an affiliate link and then buy a product from that company, then the company will send a little cash my way for the referral.

Becoming an affiliate is not something that I often do. In certain circumstances, however, I believe it is a good choice for both of us. My reasons for this are as follows.

First, I think it is a fair choice because nothing changes on your end. The price and the product remain the same regardless of whether you use an affiliate link or not.

Secondly, I think that good businesses should be supported. And if a good, ethical company offers an affiliate program with products that I believe in, then I am happy to help their cause. And the company is happy to pay me because I helped to get the word out about their product.

Finally, I am happy to join a few, well-chosen affiliate programs because:

  1. I never become an affiliate of a product unless I have either used or extensively analyzed the product and its creators beforehand.
  2. Affiliate links allow me to make money without charging you anything. This means I can continue to produce great free content for you without asking you to buy anything.

I hope my logic makes sense to you. Of course, if for some reason you do not want to use the affiliate links, then feel free to look up the products I suggest on your own — no hard feelings.



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