Freelancing 101

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There is nothing unreasonable, unrealistic, or even unusual about becoming a freelancer. Anyone can provide a service as a freelancer and turn their existing skills into income.

The best part? Passive Panda has exactly what you need — regardless of your skill level.

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Resources for veterans and newcomers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been in the game for awhile. Passive Panda has resources to help you earn more as a freelancer.

For example, feel free to browse our 5–part series for freelancers, where you will hear from 31 online authorities in all types of industries. You’ll learn their best tips and tricks for earning money as a freelancer, coach, or consultant.

The 5–part series for freelancers.

  1. How 17 internet experts are really making money online
  2. The secrets that 23 Internet rock stars use to get more clients
  3. Tactics from 20 professionals on how to raise your rates and earn more
  4. 9 common problems freelancers face and what to do about them
  5. Thoughts from 8 experts on using freelancing to build a business empire

Want even more?

If those resources aren’t enough for you, then spend some time learning from the Side Hustle Stories of real people.

We interviewed freelancers from almost every conceivable field and asked them to share their secrets. These stories will lay out, step-by-step, the actions you need to take to get your first paying client as a freelancer. Learn from people who have been there and done that.

Here’s a full list of the Side Hustle Stories covered thus far:

These people did it and so can you.

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These are the same proven tactics that James Clear, Passive Panda’s founder, used to earn $655 from only 6 hours of freelance work on his first try.

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  • Part 2 – How to target the right clients
  • Part 3 – Providing specific solutions and creating an offer
  • Part 4 – How to price your services
  • Part 5 – How to get your clients to say, “Yes”
  • Part 6 – Two ways to land your first client
  • Part 7 – Getting your next client

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