Thoughts from 8 Experts on Using Freelancing to Build a Business Empire

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This article is Part V in a 5-part series on earning more through freelancing.

Fine. I’ll admit it. Freelancing isn’t the best long-term strategy.

But just because you’re on a constant hunt for the next sale doesn’t mean you should scrap it. I hope that you have realized from the Freelancing Series this week that freelancing, coaching, and consulting are great ways to earn more in a short amount of time.

However, you can also use freelancing to earn much more over a longer period of time by using your skills to build more passive streams of income.

Yep, freelancing can be erratic

Freelancing doesn’t scale well. Plain and simple. To make things more difficult, you need to be working to make money. In other words, a common failure of freelancing is that you either don’t have enough work to fill your time or you have more than you can handle.

Naomi Niles
Sure, you can outsource some things. But, you can’t outsource yourself! — Naomi Niles

Heather AllardMy number one frustration about working as a freelancer is the inconsistency of my income — some months, I make 5 figures and other months I barely make 4 figures. — Heather Allard

Use the strengths to overcome the weaknesses

You can use these drawbacks as excuses for never getting started — or you can take this brilliant advice:

Lea WoodwardMost freelancers have experienced the “boom or bust” phase where one minute you have tons to work on, but the next you have nothing. To remove that, we spent a year or two focusing on creating additional streams of income through digital products and other services so that we can generally rely on other income should some of the freelance/service work dry up for a while. — Lea Woodward

Ali LukeMy income fluctuates depending on how much work my clients want in a given month. One month recently, two of my bigger clients only took about a third of the usual amount of work … it wasn’t a big problem, because I’ve built up some other sources of income which aren’t dependent on clients. I sell ebooks, promote some products which I love (as an affiliate), and sell advertising space on a few of my websites. — Ali Luke

Plus, freelancing makes your products better

Corbett Barr

Consulting is excellent market research. I often get product ideas from working with clients. — Corbett Barr

Catherine Caine

I have products too, but products give less feedback. I’ll always have a place for one–on–one work in my business. — Catherine Caine

Yaro StarakOnly one time have I taken on a small handful of clients who paid either $5,000 or $10,000 for high end coaching directly from me. This is something I did not just for the money, but to spend time getting closer to the problems people have… — Yaro Starak

Resist making excuses by saying that freelancing isn’t worth it because you’re trading time for money. You will gain valuable insight from working with clients that you never would have gathered elsewhere.

(Note: Even if you’re just starting out, you can freelance for $20 per hour. And for 99% of people, that $20 is going to be $20 higher than what they earned in “passive income” during that same hour.)

The key takeaway? Continue to build

Yes, freelancing involves trading time for money. No, that is not a valid reason to avoid it. Freelancing offers you quick access to additional income. Use it to build something more sustainable — your own products.

Everett BogueI think the most important thing you can do is build a business where coaching isn’t your #1 source of income, because then you can pick and choose who you take on as clients. — Everett Bogue

Freelancing opens the door to earning more and creating freedom. Use it.

Get out there and start earning more. You can figure out the rest once you’ve started. What step can you take today to move forward? Do that, and then continue to build.

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This article is Part V in a 5-part series about earning more through freelancing.

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