From a Resort in Puerto Rico: 5 Life Lessons That Will Keep You Happy and Make You Wealthy

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A few weeks ago, I told you about the experience I had the first time I stayed at a luxury hotel.

Little did I know, I would be staying at another one a few weeks later. Funny how life works like that. You never do something, and then all of a sudden you’re doing it often. (I’ll tell you how this all came to be at the end of this post.)

As I said before, I’m a simple man. I’m not familiar with the typical luxury hotel crowd. But as I soon discovered when I arrived at the St. Regis Bahia Beach resort in Puerto Rico, there are all sorts of successful entrepreneurs and business executives at these places.

And guess what? You can learn a lot from these people.

Here are a handful of lessons that I learned during my brief stay. If you’re looking to build a successful business (or just make smarter decisions in the near future), I think these 5 lessons that I learned could help you as well.

1. There is no one “best life”.

There were people from many different walks of life at this resort. Entrepreneurs, athletes, rich kids, business managers, lowly bloggers.

If you would love to travel to different countries and stay in fancy places, there are a lot of ways to get there.

Just because your friends are all going into finance, doesn’t mean you have to do so. Just because your peers are focused on getting a promotion, doesn’t mean you can’t break off and do your own thing. Just because you’ve had a career in one industry, doesn’t mean you can’t switch to another.

There are many paths to greatness. The important thing is that you walk one of them.

Related note: as I sat on the beach and enjoyed my time in the sun, I realized that I’ve had many other wonderful experiences that had nothing to do with a luxury resort. Some of the best moments of my life have been incredibly simple. So the idea that “there is no one best life” extends to your goals and experiences as well.

Just because society puts money and wealth and fame on a pedestal doesn’t mean that you need to go chasing it. You can choose your own route to happiness just as easily as you can choose your own career.

2. Gratefulness is the key to happiness.

There was a funny moment that happened after I ate dinner one night. This resort is so snazzy that it sends golf carts to pick you up and take you back to your room (you know, because walking isn’t an option).

Well, the golf cart was late and this one guy wasn’t happy. He was cursing and pacing and yelling about how much money he spent to stay there.

Now, I’ll admit that I didn’t have to pay for my room, so perhaps my mind was in a different place than his. However, the fact that he could afford to stay there means he has more resources, opportunity, and wealth than 99% of people in the world. Why not be grateful for that?

Why not take the long walk back to the room (it would have been about 15 minutes) and enjoy the stroll with your wife? Why not appreciate the few moments you have in this beautiful place? Why not think back on what you did to get here and be proud of the accomplishments you’ve enjoyed?

Here’s the real kicker though: we ALL do this in our daily lives.

We all take opportunities for granted. We all complain when we could live in the moment. We all forget how lucky we are to be here and to simply be alive.

Recently, I heard about a set of interviews that a nurse did with people who were on their death bed. She said, “So often we don’t realize the opportunity that our health gives us until it’s taken away.”

You are alive and that is not insignificant. Be grateful.

3. Keep your eyes on your own paper.

Want to be unhappy?

Compare your life to everyone around you. Measure your success by what your neighbor, your friends, your co–workers, your competition, and the rest of the world is doing. Make everything a race.

I’m starting to find more and more that comparison is useless. Not only that, it’s one of the biggest drivers of unhappiness.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still guilty of it. But I’m working to get better.

In a resort filled with successful people, you would hope that everyone would take a breath and celebrate their success. But instead you see each patron trying to out do the next. You roll up in a BMW, the next person rolls up in a Ferrari.

There’s nothing wrong with doing great things for yourself, but do it for you and not to win some imaginary competition.

4. Do things you can sustain.

I saw a few families at the resort and I started thinking about how long it would take my family to save for a trip like this and bring everyone down to this resort in Puerto Rico. “Probably 10 years,” I thought.

For a moment I was impressed by the thought of that kind of financial discipline and saving, but then I remembered that many people would just rack up a bunch of credit card debt to have the trip of a lifetime.

As I’ve hinted many times in this article already, you can find happiness in a wide range of lifestyles. There’s no need to rack up debt or buy things that you can’t afford in some attempt to purchase joy.

This idea of doing things you can sustain extends to other areas of life as well:

  • Ignoring your friends or family once or twice might be fine, but if you don’t keep contact then you’ll never stay connected. Socialize in a way that you can sustain.
  • Pulling an all–nighter once might be alright, but forcing yourself to work hard while running on empty isn’t going to work for very long. Work in a way you can sustain.
  • Relaxing for a day is great, but if you live a sedentary lifestyle, then you’ll gain weight and die sooner. Life a life you can sustain by moving and exercising more.

5. Don’t cheat your goals.

If you’re not as wealthy or successful as someone else, then I think the tendency is to assume that this other person had some stroke of luck that you didn’t have.

In reality, I think that’s rarely the case. The truth of the matter is that almost all of us start in the same place: no money, no contacts, no experience.

The difference is that some people decide to go for bold things anyway, despite the lack of resources. This may be in stark contrast to what you’ve been told for most of your life (i.e. “Be reasonable.”).

What I’m starting to discover is that there are so many people trying to be “reasonable” that going for an average goal actually has much more competition than going for a major goal.

Don’t cheat yourself. Go for something big. You just might find it easier to achieve anyway.

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214 Responses to From a Resort in Puerto Rico: 5 Life Lessons That Will Keep You Happy and Make You Wealthy

  1. Larry Warren says:

    I’d like to like to stay at a Starwood luxury hotel because my family needs a vacation – we haven’t taken one in several years. Sad, I know!

    • Bob Brown says:

      My wonderful wife of 24 years and I have never been on a vacation, even our honeymoon was an extended house hunting trip. I would love to surprise her with this excellent Starwoods vacation for our 25th anniversary. Thank you.

  2. Phillip says:

    I would like to stay at Starwoods to test your theory and experience with them.

  3. Rob says:

    Why would I like to stay at a Starwood luxury hotel? ’cause its January and I’m in Buffalo, man. ;-)

    Nice post. When I rub elbows with the money-is-no-object crowd, I come away depressed. Glad to see a different take.

  4. Meredith says:

    Good advice! The comment about our health is so true, I am going to think about that every time I open my mouth to complain. It could always be much worse, be thankful that it isn’t!

  5. Meredith says:

    I would like to stay in a Starwood hotel because it sounds super-snazzy!

  6. Layth Washington says:

    I would like to stay in a Starwood hotel as a compliment to a much needed stray for my family away from daily work

  7. TF says:

    Starwood does an excellent job… and I would love to experience the hospitality they offer. Thanks!

  8. Vicki I. says:

    I currently have a fantastic, stable job with a financial service company. Friday will be my last day with this company I’ve been employed with for over nine years. I am taking a leap of faith that I can create income for myself with the skills I have and that will allow me to spend more time with my family while still being able to contribute to our income. I’m guessing a family vacation will not be an option for a while. Staying at a Starwood luxury hotel would be an unexpected windfall. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Eileen says:

    I would like to stay at a Starwood luxury hotel with my husband and two dogs. My husband is a teacher, and only gets winter and summer time off. And these two seasons are the most expensive vacation seasons. Fly, hotel, gas, pretty much everything is super $$$$ around that time. 5,000 Starwood Point will really help us to take a nice vacation this summer.

  10. Kingsley says:

    I’d like to stay at a Starwood luxury hotel to experience the comforts it has to offer and take my family on a much needed break.

  11. Tiago says:

    I would like to stay at a Starwood luxury hotel because I need to have a break!

  12. Chris says:

    Great post! I am truly grateful for all the small things I have available to me. I remember one day looking down at my hands and studying the items I was holding: a coke zero, my phone, burned cd, and my car keys. I smiled at the realization of how lucky am I to be able to partake in a coke zero, to own a fancy smartphone that saves and entertains me daily, be able to put on cd music that I enjoy a good workout to, and have keys to a vehicle of my own so I can get from place to place.

    James, what is the policy of wanting to share an article like this on another website? Would I be able to copy/paste with a link back and full credit to you and your site? Just want to spread the word.


  13. I can see the Atlantis Resort from my house and would like to know how other hotels compare to one of the most advertised properties in the region.

    Wishing you all the best in Puerto Rico.

    P.S: Here is my post on the topic: 3 Habits For Happiness. It was written at my desk not at a resort
    like some super successful bloggers I could name :)

  14. Peggy says:

    Why I would like to stay at a Starwood Luxury Hotel: I could go on (and on and on and on)! During my forced downsizing 2 years ago I’ve moved from the 3 bedroom home that I had lived in for 12+ years into a 9×11 room in the home of a friend. Talk about paring down! However, now that my space triples as bedroom, office and living room I have not figured out how to bring a real bed into the area. For 2 years I’ve been sleeping in a recliner (albeit a comfortable one). Even a night in a bare-bones Motel 6 is a luxury since it allows me to lay completely flat in a real bed. Upgrade that to a Starwood property with fabulous sheets, pillows like clouds and real walls to keep the neighbors’ conversations in their own rooms would be a dream night for me! I believe in doing something nice for myself once a month, to remind me of why I am working hard the rest of those 30 days. My bags are packed – did I win? (thank you for the giveaway!)

    • Suzanne says:

      Peggy, love your website ! I feel for you and the position you’re in, having to face a similar situation myself, after ten years of struggle. I’ll be downsizing to a 300 square foot cabin, so am eternally grateful that I’m a decorator .. and hyped at the thought of using my talents to make the insufficient space “beautifully insufficient” ! Always better to be happily “lacking” something than “sadly lacking” same ! Sounds like you have a great attitude and you are definitely (if your site is anything to go by) loaded with talent !

  15. Matt Saperstein says:

    I would love to stay at the Starwood Luxury hotel for inspirational purposes. To remind me if I keep working hard, I can tackle my entrepreneurial and life goals. Which entails being able to stay anywhere that has the word “luxury’ in it. :)

    Thanks for the a great article and running a cool contest like this.

    My best,
    Matt Sap

  16. Erica says:

    Great article…and great reminders! I’d love to go to the Starwood Hotel as a surprise to my fiance who has been uber-supportive of my new business project, even moving his office space to the basement so I could have a home office. He reminds me on the rough days to be grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had to pursue my passion.

  17. Ange says:

    Great piece, James…the points you’ve made are applicable to all, and we’d do well to keep these in mind on a regular basis. The one on gratitude is the one I find myself needing to return to most often – that small bit of perspective in acknowledging all that I have to be thankful for, helps to take the edge off of life’s daily stresses. Cheers!

  18. David Sparks says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win a luxury vacation? I recently heard someone recommend a 1 week vacation every 6 weeks to help with intense focus.

    Your point about dreams reminded me of a phrase that was popular on sports shirts awhile back – “Go big or go home.” It’s hard to take that first step.

  19. Ange says:

    I’d like to stay at a Starwood hotel because I’ve yet to enjoy such an experience!

  20. Levi says:

    I would love to stay at the Starwood Luxury hotel for inspirational purposes. To remind me if I keep working hard, I can tackle my entrepreneurial and life goals.

  21. Patrick says:

    I would like to stay at a Starwood luxury hotel to relax and give my family an experience and memory we will look back on with gratitude.

  22. Joy says:

    I would like to stay at a Starwood Luxury hotel because this morning I wrote in my journal that my one goal this year is to take my two children on a vacation. Although I have not one extra penny in this moment, having had a very “rough” year of loss last year, I have hope and faith– and now *this* synchronicity.

    • Joy says:

      Well, it definitely is synchronicity! Thank you for the wonderful gift–I look forward to the experience of treating my children in a way not otherwise possible!

  23. Taylor says:

    Great article! I whole-heartedly believe and connect with what you are saying in this article. I find it rings true to my own beliefs and life, actually. I have been without a job for over a year and have recently been offered a dream job. By “Dream job” I don’t mean monetarily, but something I would love to do and be great at. I’m a free spirit and as such money isn’t always something I strive for, mostly it’s not. Therefore, a stay at a Starwood hotel would be such a blessing to me and feel like a reward for all the hard work I’ve put into persevering and finally landing a great job!

  24. Luciana D says:

    Awesome post!!! Although I would love to stay at a Starwood Luxury Hotel, I’m even more impressed with the information that you discussed in the post! My blog is all about finding your passion and making your living with it. Being grateful and not comparing your purpose to those around you are two things that always seem to come up. I took the leap three years ago to follow my passions, and it’s been a struggle but I wouldn’t go back to that unfilling, uninspiring way of life; no matter the struggles (God willing)!

    Thanks again for this post!

  25. PATRICK says:

    I would like to stay at a Starwood luxury hotel with my wife for a getaway without the kids. Now that is something I would be grateful for.

  26. Sophia says:

    I’d like to stay at a Starwood Luxury Hotel because my husband and I got married in Puerto Rico and we’d love to go back for a relaxing second honeymoon!

  27. Kelly says:

    I DON’T particularly want to stay at one of their hotels as I’m already lucky enough to be going on a lovely (although rather understated) holiday with my husband & two kids, however I just wanted to thank you for your insight (it always ‘grounds’ me)!
    (UK based)

  28. I would use the time to remove myself from my current environment and reflect upon the approach I am taking to achieve my goals and ambitions.

  29. Mike says:

    I would love to go to the Starwood hotel as a gift to my awesome fiancé who works so very hard at making his dream come true.

  30. Richard says:

    I would like to stay at a Starwood luxury hotel to spend time with my wife and 2 little girls, they love the beach!

  31. Barbara says:

    Your article opened my eyes and a few of the points made me really sit up and take stock of my thinking patterns of late. I was laid off quite a while ago and keeping heart and health has been a struggle, distracting me from pursuing what I would truly love to do, and making me more and more of a hermit in regards to connecting with family and friends.

    Many years ago I was in the travel industry, for a time was even a tour director and I sorely miss the adventure and wonder of traveling, experiencing new places and people. I would love a Starwood stay not only as a vacation from the stress I’ve been feeling, but also as a way to shock this pattern of thinking I’ve slid into and get me headed in a new and better direction, get me back on the path to what I really want to do and how I really want to live my life.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  32. Quentin says:

    Normally I never respond to these but I figure why not try. I would like the hotel stay accommodation to take my daughter on a nice vacation. Honestly don’t have any important reason just think it would be cool to take a vacation this summer.

  33. Cody Langston says:

    Just to do it….. It’s never been my biggest fantasy, but I can enjoy myself anywhere.

  34. Cody Langston says:

    …and honestly, my two closest friends are getting married, so I’d probably give them the points as a wedding gift. I loves them.

  35. Rick Lucas says:

    I was asked once if I believed the “world owed me something.” I answered, “No; but, I believe what goes around comes around.” I’m sure my wife and I are no more or less deserving than all these fine folks. Call it karma, luck or what have you. I call it faith.
    Bon Voyage!

  36. I would LOVE to enjoy a stay at a Starwood luxury hotel. First, you won me over at “LUXURY”, but more than that, my hubby & I really need a winter getaway, or some little vacation time to look forward to in 2013.

    I caught the dreaded Flu during the holidays, and my husband/business partner has been working ’round the clock while helping me relax. He’s been taking all business phone calls, walking the furkids, keeping me feeling pampered with hot toddies, NyQuil and anything to offer me some relief!

    Now that I feel human again, I think we both need to celebrate the new year with some sun, surf and a nice comfy Starwood luxury bed to curl up in at the end of our day.

    Hoping you can make this happen for us!
    Thank you,
    ¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·’*~ Lee*

  37. Taking a awesome break would help me sustain the high work load I manage. Even if I dont win I think Im going to ‘work harder’ on relaxing more often after reading this…

  38. Tiffaney Jones says:

    Great article! I would like for my parents to experience a vacation. They have been married for 36 years and have never been on a vacation.

  39. Cody says:

    Easy question! I’d be totally psyched to win the Starwood points because I love Starwood hotels, and it would be great to take a break from the cold here in CO somewhere nice and warm. And they have plenty of warm, seaside properties! Cheers and thank you for sharing the insight – love the point on keeping one’s eyes on one’s paper!

  40. I’d like to win the contest, not so I can stay at the hotel but so I can give the hotel stay to a family touched by the Sandy Hook tragedy.

    I already live in paradise.

  41. Maegaret says:

    James -I actually don’t want to win the points, I just wanted to say that I always appreciate your perspective on things. It is true that the important things in life are often not tangible. They are the memories we make from the time we spend with people who are important to us. The memories will be precious whether we are putting together a puzzle or whether we are on a beach – as long as we are with people we love. I subscribe to your info, not becasue I have a business, but because I quit the “rat race” a few years ago and like the positiveness that I usually find in your info. Thanks for inspiring so many.

  42. Diarmid Freemantle says:

    I would like to stay at a Starwood Hotel because it would serve as a powerful reminder to DREAM BIG.

  43. Lisa Bella Dae says:

    I would love to be a gracious guest in a wonderful luxurious resort because I’ve rarely traveled that way (though I’m well schooled in hostels, camping, and cheap digs). I turn 40 this year, I’m trying to make big things happen in life and business, and I would love celebrate that by stepping into what is possible, from a sunshiny, tropical vantage point. :) (Wouldn’t that be cool?)

    Comparison is indeed a dangerous topic, thank you for your article. I’ve also been working on focusing on creating small, achievable steps in life and business. Have a roadmap of where I want to be heading, put on the blinders, and GO.

  44. David Shih says:

    Starwood points? Throw them this way please! Would be freakin’ awesome to use to travel to the tropics and warmer water to do some surfing :)

  45. whit says:

    My wife, age 30, has literally just made it through her 3rd open heart surgery and on her way to recovery. She has never been out of our home state. We have 2 small children, ages 6 and 2. She is the strongest person I know! Her quality of life has never discouraged her to be the best mother and husband a guy could ever wish for. Thanks for your consideration–heavy hearted husband.

    • Suzanne says:

      whit, good luck to you and your family. I lost my husband ten years ago but will never forget how very strong he was in the face of his illness, and how much he continued to give to others, in both thought and deed. Here’s hoping that your wife makes a full recovery and that you win the dream vacation you deserve .. if not from here, then by some other miracle !

  46. H. says:

    I want to.

  47. Steve says:

    Good article! I’d like to stay at a Starwood luxury hotel to have an experience of the finer things in life and to get into some warmer weather.

  48. MK says:

    Never stayed in a hotel that cost that much – I’d be curious to see what there is that makes it that expensive.

  49. Excellent posts and bullet points. Never a good thing to compare and get jealous of what others have, but if you want what they have, ask them what they do and then do it yourself. And continue to surround yourself with more people like them. You’ll get to the same place in no time.

  50. I’m feeling pretty blessed at the moment just to be up, alert, and working on something I love. While it would be fun to win, it is likely that someone else needs the experience more, so please don’t include me in the contest. I just wanted to pop in and say how much I enjoyed the article. I’m going to share it with my own readers at some point.

    The whole thing is wonderful and I am hard pressed to say which point I liked best. Each time I read a main point, I thought “What a great way of putting it,” but if i had to decide,I would say that the line, “Keep your eyes on your own paper” would be it. I’ve recently seen a number of my favorite bloggers quit because they just couldn’t stop measuring themselves against others. They became so disturbed at their feelings of inadequacy as they compared themselves to their peers that they decided to get out of the game.

    What a shame…

  51. Deb S says:

    I would like to stay at a Starwood Resort that has a golf course nearby that I can play. I know that’s possible!

    Thanks for the great blog!

  52. Kelley says:

    Great post! Really helps put things in perspective.

    I would love to stay at a Starwood luxury hotel to experience the finer things in life and get away to recharge.

  53. Freddy says:

    Had the pleasure of using two free nights at St Regis Bahia Beach last year and would love to see how the W Vieques Island resort compares to it by using these points for another complimentary stay in Puerto Rico.

  54. Cynthia Dooley says:

    Love your viewpoint..especially about gratitud. I would love to have the chance to stay at a Starwood Hotel to expand my gratitude! Thanks for your insight.

  55. Jake B says:

    For the past year i’ve been working flat out to build a goal & a dream, as you say in this article dont cheat yourself, over this past year your articles have inspired me James, and inspired me in a way which has not yet made me successful in wealth, but in appreciation for the business i have built out of nothing. I wont sit here and beg for a holiday, but January 21st is my 20th birthday, i will most likely take the day and relax at the beach which i have not done in a while, it would be nice to have something greater to look forward to! 2013 will be a successful year, to all of you out there, follow your dreams, and good luck!

  56. Angela Esposiot says:

    I’d love to stay in a Starwood Luxury Hotel to be inspired by the beautiful surroundings and write about it.

  57. Lui B. says:

    Hi James,

    I’ve been longing to give myself and my mother a real vacation so getting a free accommodation from Starwood Hotel is surely an experience of a lifetime. 2013 is a year full of major milestones for my career and and life–I hope winning this will be one of them. Thanks James for a well-written post. This made my day:>

  58. Mark Zifcak says:

    I’d love to invite friends to stay over with me at the hotel — that would be fun.

  59. Detra says:

    I recently started feeling like I was putting out WAY too much effort to have a mediocre job and a mediocre existence. Quite frankly I’m tired of it. I’m not sure of exactly where I’ll end up but I do know that I have a wonderful opportunity to live in Europe for a few months and I’m going. I’m grateful that I can.

  60. Fiona says:

    I’d love to stay in/photograph a Starwood luxury hotel. I’m not usually one for entering competitions but the stars aligned in my head and said, go for it! My dream is to become a destination wedding photographer and photographing a fancy hotel would definitely help build my portfolio :) I was set to second shoot my first wedding, the day after I broke my ankle a week ago but I’m a strong believer in fate and I probably wouldn’t be lying on the couch reading this if I hadn’t ended up in a cast. I definitely put my hand up for the experience as long as the room is still waiting when my cast comes off!

  61. RJ says:

    I would like to stay at a Starwood Hotel because I want to go see the world. I want to experience life in different ways than I’m used to and gain some perspective.

  62. Michele Moore says:

    I’d LOVE to stay at a Starwood property because I don’t think I’ve ever tried one before. (That and we’re going to see my parents in a few days and I will need a DETOX-RECOVERY period afterwards)!!! Glad you had fun – and great life lessons!

  63. I would like to stay in a luxury Starwood hotel to soak up some of the successful, wealthy vibes!! I am ready to be successful and wealthy in 2013!

  64. Karen Cross says:

    I would like to stay at a Starwood Luxury Hotel because I love new places and experiences.

  65. Alex Orloff says:

    I wonder if i am one of the friends that Mark would invite. LOL. It would be great time to stay over.

  66. Suzanne Wright says:

    I would like to stay at a Starwood Luxury Hotel because it could be one of the new things I do every year—something I started a few years ago when I realized that I would not always be young enough or healthy enough to do so—A bucket list goal of sorts.

    Great article, btw :-)

  67. Thanks for all your great points. I especially agree with the one – be grateful!!!! I’d love to take a romantic vacation with my hubby of 31 years. He needs to relax and unwind. And what better place to do it than at a Starwood Luxury Hotel.

  68. Edmund Cotta says:

    If I am to be chosen for such a great opportunity I would take every moment as a chance to see things with a different vision. I would to learn and grow through another environment.

    Seeing the world regularly from the perspective of the environment you grew up in only offers so much.

    I dream to experience another reality.

    Best of luck to all!

  69. H says:

    Basically through my early twenties I’ve been wanting to set up my own business but haven’t had the resources until now…. I read 4hww over Xmas and it blew my mind, I’ve been contacting manufacturers in China and sent them designs of what I want making, they’re being made as I type this. I got to this point through sheer determination, my goal is to go to Vegas in the summer and live the dream. Realistically though I know funds may be limited so this would be an awesome way to start off my mega year!! Which will happen regardless I’m sure. I’m going for a big swing, hopefully ill hit the ball full on and reach the lucrative green. Wish me well if nothing else and good luck to everyone else here.

  70. Serge says:

    I would like to stay in a Starwood luxury hotel so that I can have the peace of mind that I need in order to continue developing the business that I plan to launch sometime in a few months.

  71. russ says:

    I love Starwood luxary. The service is exceptional, but what always stands out for me with Starwood is the design aesthetics. Forget about the hotel room look and smell the same as other hotel rooms. Starwood has a way of making one find the comfort of luxury with exquisite style and a style that matches the style and feel of locality. If I win this prize, I will give it to a veteran (to be chosen) so that they can enjoy some comfort for all their hard work.

  72. Lilit says:

    One day in paradise I deserved it. So why not to delight myself staying at an luxury hotel of my favorite Starwood ?

  73. Steve says:

    Id like to win the points because my dream is to be a travel writer full time. This could help me with plenty of content…

  74. I would enjoy using the Starwood points for my honeymoon. My fiance and I would love to spend a romantic getaway in Hawaii.

  75. Trina Boice says:

    Randomly pick ME!!!
    Pretty please?
    I was recently laid off and need a chance to regroup and reinvent myself.
    Starwood is calling my name…hope you are too!

  76. Cynthia says:

    Great article. I’m also guilty of the comparison war, but I find it’s also a source of great ideas and keeps me motivated to continue doing amazing things.

    As far as a luxury stay at a Starwood property, I need a vacation, I’m always working hard. ^_~

  77. s fields says:

    I would like to take my family to a Starwood hotel to show them how blessed they already are.

  78. Eugene says:

    I’d like to stay at a Starwoods luxury hotel to upgrade my upcoming California trip experience :)

  79. Rae says:

    I’d love to go so I can get inspired to finally start that business I’ve been dreaming about.

  80. Walt Redding says:

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    Thanks ;) !

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    Mirza Azam Baig

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    Would love to have the chance to hang with the 1%ers! Thanks for the great articles.

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  98. “There are many paths to greatness. The important thing is that you walk one of them”

    This is a very true statement and a good reason everyone should focus on what they really love doing. After all, you can achieve any level of “success” by working in any area of endeavor.

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    I’d promise to give it as a gift. “Gratefulness is the key to happiness” and I’m truly grateful for what I have and would be genuinely happy to give it to a special (and deserving) someone.

  106. My grandmother used to always say “I’m no better than you, but I’m just as good.” People are people to me. We all need air, we all have feelings, and we all eventually die. What makes us different is our level of appreciation for the things, good and bad, in our lives.

    I would like to win this contest because as a struggling, single mom to my beautiful daughter in waaayy-up-there-and-freezing Upper Peninsula Michigan, I would truly appreciate it.

    Thank you for sharing: your always-positive attitude AND this opportunity.

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    I don’t really want to stay at a Starwood luxury resort! I prefer small, quaint and culturally integrated. . . but, it would be fun to win something, and I am sure my husband and I could find something to like at such a resort, lol.

    I am mainly replying to thank you for this:

    “there are so many people trying to be “reasonable” that going for an average goal actually has much more competition than going for a major goal.”

    Great quote, and probably VERY true! So thanks!

  120. Michelle Ishio says:

    I would like to stay at a Starwood Hotel because you are offering that opportunity for one reader. Work hard, Play hard, Relax hard…I can do the latter two for sure :-) .

  121. I would love to go on vacation, I have led such a sheltered life when it comes to traveling, I have been to less than 9 of our 50 states in my life!

  122. Sandra Twining says:

    Your attitude of gratitude really hits the spot….we all have so much to be thankful for, even as we seek to better our lives and the lives of those around us!

  123. Kay says:

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  126. Debbie says:

    oops, I forgot to comment on your post
    How nice of you to share “The Secret” of life. It is all about being grateful, living in the moment and that you get back what you put out to the universe.

  127. Laurin says:

    I just bought a house. I don’t see getting a vacation this year any other way.

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  134. Kristeen says:

    #3. Keep your eyes on your own paper — that’s a good one!!
    Like this post – the insights are right on the mark..
    Thanks for this chance to win a VERY cool get-a-way..

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  139. Samantha M says:

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    Thank you for the opportunity to reflect and get back to basics.

  147. Sandy says:

    i recently lost my father whose greatest gift to me and my family was his true joy in life. He lived the “sustainable” life long before that word was so popular. To find joyful balance in all things is a gift which gives joy to yourself and to those around you and that is true wealth – to see the good in every situation!

  148. Demetria says:

    this is awesome. As a Starwood member, this is a great prize! Thank you for the chance!

  149. Laura says:

    As a single mom of four, I can’t afford the luxury of taking all of us on a vacation. I would love to give my kids the opportunity to have new experiences! What a terrific way to open their minds to the possibilities out there!

  150. Pam says:

    I have stayed in nice hotels at this point I would donate the points to a Red Cross volunteer helping in NY or someone homeless from sandy, they could use a night of luxury at this point!

  151. Mike says:

    Though that guy in #2 does sound like a jerk, you are right that we all do lesser versions of this from time to time. Goal #8 of my 10 goals for 2013 is to approach life more positively and affirmatively, including emphasizing that “I get to…” instead of “I have to…” all of which I’m capturing on my own blog, including my successes and failures.

    As far as staying at a posh place, I’d love to either get away with the wife or maybe even with the kids too.

    Thanks for the thoughtful piece!

  152. Lindsay says:

    I would love to stay to be able to take my husband on a fantastic vacation to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary – guilt free (i.e. no debt!)

  153. PatriciaD says:

    I especially agree about “keeping your eyes on your own paper” there is nothing gained from comparing yourself to others. Good job!!

    I love to travel but haven’t been able to in some time so it would be so totally awesome to get away for a few days and the Starwood Hotels sound like a great way to do that!!

  154. Ang says:

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  155. love bill says:

    Would be great to test how a vegan family is received in such a luxury hotel !

  156. Ronda says:

    It’s always the little details that can bring us up or lay us low. Sweating the small stuff at work can make us great but doing so in real life can turn us into the cranky fellow nobody wants to be around. Thanks for great article.

  157. koemez says:

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  158. Mary-Elizabeth says:

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  159. freddy says:

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  160. Judy says:

    You nailed it with #2 . . . that is the key! Thanks for sharing and expounding!

  161. Shantel says:

    I’ve stayed at ‘nice’ hotels before, but never a ‘luxury’ fun would that be??? :-)

  162. Nina says:

    Thank you for your wonderful advice James, really appreciate it. I’m in my early 20′s and I think exactly as you said above. I always think I’m behind people my age are achieving and feel discontent in my life. But now I’ll be more grateful and focus on things that I can do. Looking forward to your next article.

  163. Anna Jenkins says:

    Loved your post!!! I would like to stay at a Starwood luxury hotel because it would be a BLAST!

  164. laceflower says:

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    I have been married to the most wonderful man since 1985 and we have 2 wonderful young adult girls. The youngest one just got married in August and following in her parents footsteps did not get to have a honeymoon just the weekend off and back to work.(we would have loved to been able to give them a gift of even the weekend at a resort) Then came Christmas this year and we decided not to get presents and to take that money and try to go to Gatlinburg and rent a cabin and spend the week together just enjoying our family!!!! Now it is looking like expenses are going to crush that dream. Winning this would either make it possible to give them a late wedding gift, or a great Christmas Trip and even better dream than that mountain cabin (maybe not thinking about my family and rubbing elbows with the rich, and dressing for dinner…..LOL)
    Thank you for offering this wonderful gift.

  166. Michael Teter says:

    Keeping your eyes on your own paper has got to be the place to start if you want to be grateful and content.

  167. Giuli Sutton says:

    Your thoughts and insights were great. the call of Pureto Rico, and the thought of sunshine in a Starwood luxury hotel with my husband are the reasons I’d like to go; he is such a super guy, does so many wonderful things for me, treats me so special, and I’d love to give him a super vacation and not have him worry about the cost of the accomdations; what a real treat that would be for him!

  168. Jennifer says:

    I would like to stay at a Starwood hotel because I gave birth to twins eight weeks ago after a physically taxing high-risk pregnancy that left me bedridden for months. My husband and I already have three sons all under twelve and because of my condition, we were not fortunate to be able to travel at all. I’d love to surprise them with a beautiful hotel stay that I know we’d appreciate and enjoy all this time!

  169. Kei says:

    Stumbled onto this post on the last day! I figure I should try, what do I have to lose? :)

    I really love points 2 and 3 especially. So often I feel I’m not grateful enough for all I have, and that I’m constantly keeping scoreboard with my peers. Sometimes I get down because I don’t feel I’m as far as I should be, and that I’ve wasted time.

    Why would I love to stay at a Starwood luxury hotel? I haven’t been on a vacation in ages, and I adore traveling. Whenever I do get to go on vacation, I always have such a wonderful time and get to reflect on the good memories afterward.

  170. Vicki A. says:

    I would love to stay at a luxury beach hotel for once in my life! Thanks for the opportunity!

  171. freddy says:

    best hotel chain option by far.

  172. Kelly S. says:

    My in-laws are two of the most generous, sweetest people on earth. They haven’t taken a vacation in more than 20 years and they definitely deserve one. A stay in a Starwood luxury hotel would be such a great way for us to thank them for all they do for us.

  173. Helena Salas says:

    A few weeks ago, I stayed at my first luxury hotel. Most of my life has been spent gorging on the breakfast buffet inside various Holiday Inns, so you can imagine that this prime time resort was a big upgrade.

  174. love bill says:

    Would be interesting to see how much people are materialist in this kind of place, or on the contrary if they have some kind of spirit.

  175. Sofiya says:

    Providing for your children is a basic necessity of life, which counts in the survival I mentioned. Most people in that very desperate situation of not having enough food will not be reading this blog post. There’s a danger of thinking that you need way more than you actually do “for a rainy day”, and living your life for the sake of creating that nest egg when it would be so much wiser to just live more frugally.

  176. Janise says:

    Congratulations Joy!!

    Hey James, I hope you had a great time in my beautiful island :) Puerto Rico

  177. Very nice hotel, I would love to stay at a luxury beach hotel for once in my life. Thanks.

  178. Rosy says:

    So much truth and wisdom in every sentence. I really want to print it and hang it on the wall in front of me. Thanks James James.

  179. Mark Herdman says:

    Id like highlight the great point that was made on ‘goals’, Make sure your set some! and don’t reduce them until your successful. I have aims and goals for my blog and the goals in place encourage me to work and makes it more enjoyable that it already is.

  180. hey Lary

    I see contest ended already…

    Anyway, I’m impressed with your life lessons and luxury hotel experience

    I wonder, how did you get American Express and Starwood Hotels to become official partners of your blog, Passive Panda

    Maybe you could share your tips in an upcoming post? :)

  181. Kevin Watts says:

    What a wonderful post. First time reading your blog and this really resonated. Being grateful is very important to being happy. We live in luxurious times if your in the US, but people seem to be less happy than before. I think the distractions of our daily lives takes away from enjoying the present

  182. John says:

    hey James,

    I like lesson #3 (I’m paraphrasing you)…

    “Is the way you do business, which makes the difference”

    You’ve shared a very insightful article with us here… please keep them coming. I love receiving inspiration from other businesses and successful entrepreneurs.

    My whole drive in the affiliate marketing game, is to help beginners and veterans alike to perform better and generate higher results from the same amount of effort they’re investing…

    I like your sponsors and the regular contests you’re doing here with your blog, congrats!

  183. HT Lee says:

    Didn’t realize there was a contest going on.

    Anyway, I also love beach holidays where I get insights and useful reflections on life, happinesss and pursuits of life. I agree that there’s no one single road to happiness and greatness. It’s a big playing field out there, so don’t narrow the view to find only “the one”. There are endless possibilities out there.

    Thanks for the article, James!

  184. Jill says:

    I feel like resorts are a great place for networking generally – too bad I never go. With regards to #4, I think this point is one of the more difficult to follow. People often have friends who are more well-off and it’s hard to stay true to your own capabilities when you are in close contact with someone who is more capable financially.

  185. Hi James…
    every time i read your articles, all of them give me new energy to improve my business.
    Really thanks to you.


  186. christina says:

    I’d like to stay at a Starwood luxury hotel to experience the comforts it has to offer and take my family on a much needed break.

  187. John says:

    Life is a fight, and even though it seems like you’re going to get knocked out, you must keep on fighting!

  188. Yasmin E. Parsloe says:

    So often we get stuck keeping up with the Jones’. But, why? I recently finished a blog touching on the ins-and-outs of families going through financial crisis, and usually a lot more problems stem from dishonesty during the financial hurdle. So often families are more concerned with keeping up their reputation instead of tackling the problem head on.

    As in your case at a fine resort (hope you enjoyed it, by the way!), living within your means is key. If you’re relying on credit to afford that vacation, chances are the exquisite resort will in fact become a financial crisis culprit. I really enjoyed your phrase of not looking at other people’s papers. Everyone is different, in a different situation.

  189. Gerry says:

    I stumbled upon your website and this article, perhaps by reason that I am unaware of yet, but I am sure for a good reason that will prove to be beneficial for me…

    As i read through the 5 lessons you documented, i chose to interpret them in a manner usefull for me and I believe i will benefit from them and likewise share the benefits with others.

    I simply wanted to express my gratitude for your time and interest you took in posting this blog for everyone to gain from your knowledge…


  190. Disha Sharma says:

    You are making one group feel better at the cost of the other. Thanks a lot for this article

  191. It’s alway so inspirational to read your blog I found you couple of months ago on tutplus and the tips that you give are always good thanks once again and hope you get to stay on some more fancy hotels jeje

  192. Bruce P says:

    Helpful insights in this article. Very readable; I enjoy your easy flowing style of writing. I’m working towards such fluidity in my own writing online. Anticipate learning much from upcoming articles/posts/blogs; I’m a new subscriber.Thanks for this.

  193. I’d like an insight into how ‘the other half’ live, frrequenting luxury hotels like the ones mentioned. Oh the good life, still working towards it.

  194. Samfrank says:

    A wonderful list… I’d add one of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes:

    “In the end people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you’d made them feel.”

  195. Jason Wright says:

    Life is not to be compared. Everyone is different, and so is everyone’s life, success and priorities, so instead of comparing your life and losing your cool over worthless facts, I suggest you take some time to enjoy the bounties of life.

  196. Babar Ali says:

    great post!!! I would like to stay at a Starwood luxury hotel with my family. Thanks for sharing here…. :)

  197. Dimi Banken says:

    Just got the link to passivepanda from book “travelling full time” and couldn’t stop reading!!!

  198. Alex says:

    I don’t care what resort I’m in, I just want to go to Puerto Rico! Such beautiful beaches.

  199. Christina says:

    This is interesting to know Life Lessons. I am little happy to read this valuable article. Thanks for this Wealthy post :)

  200. A few weeks ago, I stayed at my first luxury hotel. Most of my life has been spent gorging on the breakfast buffet inside various Holiday Inns, so you can imagine that this prime time resort was a big upgrade.

  201. Karen says:

    What was the winner’s, Joy Hollands winning post?

  202. Charlie says:

    Thanks for keeping it true and real! Yes, there are people out there who have it made and push there weight around because of the money they have. But, your list of lessons, makes us ALL the same regardless of how much money we have.

  203. John Malkom says:

    I totally agree with these life lessons.

    The most important part is frist part and true is that there is not ” best life ” as many people think.

    Also NOT cheating your goals is more than important. There are so many young people who do that .

  204. Rico Drake says:

    The first leg of my trip was in Hamburg, and I stayed at the Royal Meridien Hamburg. As the only Starwood hotel in town, it was a pretty easy decision to make – and the great rate I was able to get certainly didn’t hurt!

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  207. Thanks you for this.

  208. Being grateful is a conduit to good. Great post here ;)

  209. Barry says:

    I like that don’t cheat the goals. I think becoming a better person is about a goal setting process. It is about making small achievements to get to a bigger goal.

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