Sales and Marketing 101

How to Get More Leads and Make More Sales

When you get down to it, Sales and Marketing are the engines that make businesses run. It’s pretty simple: without sales you don’t have a business.

So the question is, “How do I make more sales?”

Let’s talk about that now.

Get More Leads

The first way to get more sales is to get more opportunities to sell. In other words, you need more prospects or leads.

Here are 3 articles from Passive Panda that will help you do just that. And because we’re all about bootstrapping, most of these techniques will cost you little to no money.

  1. How to Get 283 Free Business Leads Every Month, Rank #1 in Google, and Get 91% More Traffic to Your Website
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Referrals and Increasing Word–of–Mouth
  3. How to Promote Your Small Business: An Interview With Millionaire Entrepreneur Laura Roeder

Make More Sales

The second way to make more sales is to increase your effectiveness when it comes to selling. Instead of 10 out of every 100 people buying from you, maybe you can boost that to 11 or 12 or even more.

Here are 3 articles from Passive Panda that should help you sell more effectively.

  1. Sales Tips Revealed: The Must-Do Sales Strategy That Will Shock You
  2. The Best Way to Get More Customers
  3. How to Sell a Product Successfully: A 28 Minute Interview You Don’t Want To Miss

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