Sales Tips Revealed: The Must-Do Sales Strategy That Will Shock You

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There’s a way for you to make more sales by asking a few simple questions.

This strategy is based on some surprising research about the human brain and how it works … and when I share it with you below, you’ll realize just how powerful it is for making more sales.

Let me use an example to explain…

The Olympics, Your Brain, and Sales

One of my favorite Olympic moments came in 2008 when Jason Lezak and the US Men’s relay team chased down France for the Gold medal.

I just watched the highlights again. My palms were sweaty. My heart started pounding. And when Lezak pulled it out at the end, I couldn’t help but smile. It was like I re–lived the moment all over again.

Even if that’s not your favorite Olympic moment, I bet you have one that brings back memories. Maybe it even gives you goosebumps.

And here’s the crazy part: you already know how this moment turns out and it still makes you feel this way.

How is that possible? And how does this apply to making more sales?

A Look Inside Your Brain

Did you know that there are regions of your brain that get excited about an experience even when it doesn’t actually happen?

These regions are called mirror neurons and they react when you perform an action. But they also react when you observe or imagine that same action.

For example, your neurons might get excited when you buy a new car. You’ll experience pleasure, delight, and joy. But your mirror neurons can cause the same feelings — pleasure, delight, and joy — when you simply imagine the new car that you want to buy.

Mirror neurons are the reason some people feel relaxed or excited by simply planning a vacation. (Sometimes anticipating it is better than the vacation itself!)

Similarly, mirror neurons cause us to get excited about buying new clothes just by browsing them online or to fantasize about our dream house even if we’re just looking at a picture of a mansion.

This is what happened when I watched that clip from the Olympics again. The race wasn’t actually happening, but I felt all of the same emotions. Thinking about the race triggered the feelings I had from the real life event.

In other words, mirror neurons allow us to imagine an experience as if it were actually happening to us.

How This Leads To More Sales

Mirror neurons can make your customers feel like they own your products before they actually do. And if they enjoy the experience and the feelings associated with owning it, then they will want to buy it.

If you can get your customers to fantasize about what it feels like to own what you’re selling, then they will want to buy it from you.

The customer’s ability to fantasize is your greatest ally when trying to make a sale. No one asks to be pitched a product, but most people love to fantasize about owning new things.

Fantasies Need Details

You can trigger your customer’s fantasies and get them in “dreaming mode” by asking questions that get them thinking about concrete details.

Let’s say you’re selling a car. Instead of asking “Do you want this car?” you could ask, “What color do you like?”

Get your customer to imagine the possibilities by filling in the details of their purchase.

For example, a freelance photographer can show off her portfolio and ask, “What images do you love the most?”

If you’re freelance tour guide ask, “Have you ever seen the city from above?” And then tell them about the spectacular views you’ll show them on tour.

If you’re a freelance writer ask, “How would it feel to have all of your writing tasks taken off your hands?”

You can even take a less direct approach like this brilliant sales technique from an insurance agent.

Depending on your market, here are some phrases that might work for you…

  • “picture ____”
  • “imagine ____”
  • “what would it feel like if ____”
  • “tell me about ____”
  • “what would it look like if ____”

By the way, this strategy of using concrete details to build a vivid picture in the customer’s mind isn’t just for conversations. It works great if you’re writing a sales page too.

Some More Examples…

If you take a close look at Passive Panda, you’ll notice this strategy in practice.

In recent weeks, I have asked you to imagine the possibilities for this year.

I’ve given you the recipe for naming your company so that you can imagine the possibilities of a successful business.

I’ve shown you how dozens of real people make money freelancing, so that you can see what is possible for yourself.

In this article, I actually used the phrase, “Imagine if you had that many new leads coming into your business every month.”

No matter what content Passive Panda is delivering to you, I always want you to imagine how you can use this information in your own life.

I do this because I want you to buy into the idea that earning more money is possible (it is) and that you can do it (you can).

The Bottom Line

No matter what industry you’re in or what questions you ask your customers, here’s the bottom line:

Get your customers to imagine life with your product and it will be much harder for them to live without it. [Click here to Tweet this quote]

What do you think? Do you like this sales tip? Leave a comment below.

Note: Hat tip to Derek Halpern for sharing the power of mirror neurons.

25 Responses to Sales Tips Revealed: The Must-Do Sales Strategy That Will Shock You

  1. Justice Wordlaw IV says:


    Really good idea for sales. I feel that this technique would work out really good for any business. If you can get your customer to create an impression in their mind about your product or service then their going to be sold on anything that you offer them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this idea.

  2. AJ Perisho says:

    Nice post.
    I like the phrase, “Paint me a picture of….”
    When your prospect can clearly describe what they have now vs. what they want to have in the future, you’re on the right track.
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. XuDing says:

    Excellent tip.

    I will sure integrate this tip into our site when we launch our products.

    Thanks again.

  4. Nick says:

    That’s a fantastic idea. I thought it was all about story telling, but you took it a step further.

    Now I have to reconsider our landing page. Thanks :)

    • James Clear says:


      Storytelling (or “storyselling”) is very powerful, so you definitely hit the nail on the head with that one.

      That said, my opinion is that stories need to direct a customer towards taking an action, and that’s where this post comes into play.

  5. Zack Lim says:

    Hi James,

    Excellent tips on getting the customers to imagine the things that they will get if they get access to the product.

    Great way to include this tip in the messages that we sent to the potential customers through the website and email.

    Thanks for preaching what you teach as I can see directly the way that you apply this valuable tip and concept :)


  6. Joy Mo says:

    Well explained! I feel that selling is as much about feeding people’s emotional hunger as meeting their physical needs.

  7. Tram Tran says:

    Wow, thank you. Sale skill is one of the most important skills for success and you nail it right there, James. I just RT this post. Thanks again;)

  8. Sheila says:

    Wow, this is so clever! Thanks!

  9. Santosh says:

    Thanx! You guys post some of the best tips on the web. Keep it coming!! Thanx a ton guys!!!

  10. Tracy says:

    Great tips. I will surely start incorporating these into my sales strategies. Thanks!

  11. Chris Fisher says:

    Hi James,

    Fantastic idea, and I appreciate the examples to help it hit home. I was thinking about how I could implement this with my translation business…

    For clients who find us through our site, I can imagine describing it like (draft) “Imagine your product being used in Country X’s market.”

    But what about clients who are considering the services of several translators? They’ve already decided they want to enter the market and that they need this service, they’re just deciding on who to go with. They’re typically choosing from the proposals of short-listed freelancers and agencies. Due to some professional memberships, this is how we find many of our clients.

    Is there still value in describing it in this way to get that feel-good feeling?

    Thanks for the great tips!

  12. mohoammad says:

    That’s a really great tip … and it really explained alot of things to me. Thats brilliant … Thanks.

  13. Tim says:

    Hey James!

    Been away and back. This was great — it reminds me of Vitale’s hypnotic writing concepts, but made more clear. I love the “psychology” aspects of it.

  14. Godfrey says:

    Hey James,

    This article is so great. It reminded me of the sales tip about an article about an insurer who use a “magnet on a fridge” approach. I printed that article and saved it on my PC. I’m doing the same with this one.

    Bravo James!

  15. Oh, these are great ideas! Love the ideas about getting clients to create their dreams with you. I might say, “what would it feel like to dance elegantly with your new wife on your wedding day?” Great tips!

  16. Trung Nguyen says:

    I really love that sentence “Get your customers to imagine life with your product and it will be much harder for them to live without it” – that’s best tips to increase sales for us. Thanks for the share.

  17. Parvinder says:

    Your above given quote is totally effective. Your customers should imagine their life without your products or services. They will surely understand the true value of your product or service.

  18. Truong Thien says:

    Thank James. your article give me a deep thinking about sale skills. i will do following above tips, hope it bring me more successfully

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