Live presentations by Passive Panda founder James Clear

James Clear speaking

My favorite presenter of the conference. Pages of notes.
—Keldie Jamieson from Abbotsford, Canada

Hello, I’m James Clear and I’m the founder of Passive Panda.

If you have an upcoming conference, seminar, or event, then I would be happy to contribute to it as a speaker.

My work has been featured by American Express, US News & World Report, Yahoo Finance, The International Economic Forum, The St. Gallen Symposium, and many others.

I have delivered live presentations and keynotes to audiences ranging in size from small groups to large audiences of 2,000 people or more. I have presented around the United States as well as internationally in places as far away as Switzerland.

Presentation Topics: Email List Building and Email Marketing

I customize my presentations based on the specific needs of each audience, but I do have a speciality: email marketing, email list building, and blogging for lead generation.

If you would like to learn how to build a big email list for your business or website without paying for advertising or traffic, then I’m your man. On my first try, I built a double opt–in email list of 10,000+ people with free traffic on a new website in less than 11 months.

That said, I have also delivered speeches on entrepreneurship, creativity, and business strategy. I’m willing to work with you on a specific topic that fits your needs.

Regardless of the topic, my focus is on delivering content that people can take action on … not on showing you how smart I am or making myself the center of attention. You can be sure that my focus will be on the audience and their specific needs.

Contact and Speaking Fees

Please contact me for information on my current speaking fees and for full details on developing a customized presentation for your next conference, seminar, or event.

You can contact James Clear directly by sending an email to:
james [at] passivepanda.com

What Attendees Are Saying…

Below you will find quotes from real people who attended a previous presentation or keynote by James Clear…

My favorite presenter of the conference. Pages of notes.
—Keldie Jamieson from Abbotsford, Canada

I am officially a fan.
—Cai Palmiter from Outer Banks, North Carolina

Truly valuable presentation with POWERFUL information!
—Monica Hall from Florida

You were one of the most talked–about presenters. It was an honor to have you!
—Ed Gandia from Atlanta, Georgia

I loved seeing James Clear rock it.
—Charlie Gilkey from Portland, Oregon

Knowing you really has changed my life!
—Mirabai Galashan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Your clearly illustrated examples were so helpful!
—Christina Cottini from Chicago, Illinois

Whew. Definitely took the most notes in your session so far. So informative. Thank you!
—Sheri Ann Richerson from Marion, Indiana

Great presenter. Logical and organized, visual, and great for my learning style. Really good points.
—Katie from Rolling Meadows, Illinois

Many thanks for your great presentation James. I could feel the cogs in my head clicking as you spoke.
—Alison Meeks from Ontario, Canada

Thanks for the informative presentation! I have a lot of takeaways.
—Erin Griggs from the United States

I love the specific, personal examples he uses.
—Donna Barger from Los Angeles, California

Thank you for a great workshop!
—Rebecca Sinclair from the United States

One of the best sessions of the conference so far.
—Jannie Ho from Ann Arbor, Michigan

Awesome presentation! So many great tips.
—Brenda from Erie, Pennsylvania

Thanks for the amazing presentation. It was short yet very helpful and straight to the point.
—Abeer Ba’abbad from Yemen

Talk about making a connection with the audience…
—John Fobertas from Belgium

Really great insights James! I’m learning a lot! Thanks!
—Arvin Ello from Parañaque City, Philippines

Awesome session by James Clear. Concise and helpful.

I liked the presentation by James Clear. I love how he practices what he preaches.
—S.G. from Singapore

Wonderful presentation. Thank you for creating it!
—Michelle from Austin, Texas

I am seriously going to apply some of the strategies you mentioned! Much appreciated!
—Madhavi Ghare from Dumont, New Jersey

Thanks so much, James. Very helpful info. Great presentation.
—Tanya Brody from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Great talking to James Clear about business, creation and uncertainty. You should follow him.
—Jonathan Fields, Author of Uncertainty

If you would like James to present at your next conference, seminar, or event then send an email to james [at] passivepanda.com and we’ll work out the details.