Want to Start a Business? 10 Reasons You Should Start Now

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There is no substitute for starting, and that’s true whether it’s something small like exercising today or something big like building a business.

You simply cannot replace the ability to take the first step, even if it is small. Many people dream, but few actually begin.

In two days, I will re–open The Remora Method and a private class of 100 students will join who will be guided along step–by–step as they start generating a side income from their own small business.

If you’re thinking about building a business or starting a side project of your own, then I encourage you to join us. Regardless, I encourage you to get started.

With that in mind, here are 10 reasons you should start building your business right now.

1. Successful people start before they feel ready.

You are not the only person to feel uncertain or unsure about the outcome of your business. In fact, being an entrepreneur is one, long exercise in dealing with uncertainty. Uncertainty will not go away.

You can plan, delay, and revise all you want, but the winners begin despite the uncertainty.

2. If you have a goal, the most important thing is to start. Do not wait for motivation. If it’s not there, it will come after starting.

You can’t rely on motivation striking you at the right time each morning. You can’t wait for someone to come along and give you permission to begin. And you certainly can’t hope to research and understand it all before you get going.

Start small, but start today.

3. Make decisions and make them now.

Research has shown that the people who make decisions faster will become more successful. These people aren’t necessarily better decision makers, but simply quicker ones.

Get in the habit of making decisions. It will serve you well.

4. You don’t really have much of a choice.

If you want to do important work, if you want to do something that matters, then it’s pretty simple. You really don’t have much of a choice. You need to act now. The clock is ticking.

There was never a plan that changed the world, only the people who executed it. Make your move.

5. Give yourself time to think it over and you’ll overthink it.

Our brains are incredible machines with the ability to get to work on very difficult tasks. But if you simply sit in the planning or dreaming stage, then your brain gets bored with things because nothing new is happening. You’re not asking it to perform a difficult task because you are just running the same planning ideas on a repeating loop.

This is dangerous. Unless you give your brain a task to perform it will get bored and start to dream up reasons why this will never work. If you give your mind enough time to mull the options without giving it any real creative battles, then it will work against you.

Set your brain to the task of accomplishing your goal and it will start working for you. Don’t give yourself the chance to overthink it, start now.

6. This moment is a gift. Contribute to it.

At the risk of sounding foo–foo and fluffy, I firmly believe that the moment we have right now is a gift. You only have one life and this is it! It’s happening to you right now at this very moment. The mere fact that you are alive in a universe filled with mostly dead, empty space is a miracle.

The best way to be grateful for the time that you have is to contribute something to it. Step into the thick of things and make your own waves. Create something of your own and share it with the world. Give back to the moment you have been given.

7. “The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Entrepreneurs without direction spend their days wandering and hoping for an opportunity. The odds that you’ll stumble your way into a thriving business are unlikely.

Pick a direction and pursue it. If you are crystal clear about what you are going after, people will either help you achieve it or get out of your way.

I swear to you that the world is filled with good people who are willing to help you get where you are going, but it’s on you to tell them where you’re headed.

You can call it your purpose in life, you can call it the vision for your company, you can call it why you do what you do … call it whatever you want, but you need to pick a direction and start walking.

8. “The best person is not usually the person who wins. The person who wins is the best at connecting with others, and getting people talking about them.” —Aaron Wall

You don’t need to be the best, the smartest, the most prepared, the most unique. But being the best connected will help immensely.

If you don’t have a strong network, guess what? Neither did anyone else when they got started! It takes time to connect with people, and that’s why you need to start now.

You don’t need anything else. Who you are right now is good enough to start. Be honest, be genuine, and be sincere. Start connecting with other people and start sharing your story.

9. Your actions are your priorities.

Don’t tell me that it’s a priority for you to start a business when you haven’t done it. The simple fact is this: what you do is what you care about.

Sometimes what you see on the surface is what you get underneath as well. You don’t have to look that deep to see what people are made of. Show the world you’re made of something better.

10. Do something now.

Make progress, even if it’s much smaller than you anticipated. Start with something small that you can do right now. Get in the habit of accomplishing things. Finish a small task, build momentum, and repeat.

If you’re looking for ways to start, I’ll give you two options.

1. Use this article to pick a name for your business. This article will show you how to choose a name that brings in customers. Once you know what your business is called, it will start to become more real to you. Give your project an identity.

2. Get the first lesson of The Remora Method for free and use it to find a profitable idea for your business. I’ll be sending it out tomorrow to anyone who has joined the priority notification list below.

If you sign up, you’ll also be the first to know when The Remora Method opens up. Per usual, I’m only offering 100 slots to new students. If you’d like to join a small group of committed people who are taking action and getting individualized feedback on starting their own businesses, then The Remora Method might be a good fit for you. (Note: you can read the full story here.)

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27 Responses to Want to Start a Business? 10 Reasons You Should Start Now

  1. Ash says:

    Thank you! Exactly what I needed to read! Thanks for spreading such positivity around. I am a huge follower of the blog.

  2. Alan says:

    Always inspiring, James!

  3. Bee says:

    I think the 1st step is having some money to begin with. And if you don’t have money, you should know if you’ll qualify for financing. If you don’t qualify, then you ask if your family or friends will help finance your business or idea. If all else fail, go get a job (if you don’t have one), start saving a little by little. This should get you to step 1.

    Trust me. Money is the beginning of any step in a person’s dream. Everyone can dream, but not everyone have money.

  4. I love this actionable advice. Especially “start before you feel ready,” and “do something now.” That’s exactly what I did when I started my business.

    Last fall I started feeling inspired to take my freelancing up a notch and start an actual business around my skills and experience. I knew it would take me some time to launch because I was busy with client work (so in some ways I had a kind of business already, though it felt kind of random), so I got a journal and each day wrote down 3 things I would do each day to make the business a reality. Sometimes it was really small things like, “research domain names,” or “map out content plan,” or “sign up for RSS feeds of blogs in niche.” But each day I wrote down three things and did those three things, which kept me accountable and helped me build momentum.

    I still write down at least 3 things to accomplish in my business each day, and even though I’m still busy with freelance clients, I am also slowly but surely building my online audience, my newsletter subscribers, and traffic to my blog, none of which would have happened if I didn’t commit to “starting before I was ready,” and “doing something now!”

    Great advice, and great blog post!

    • James Clear says:


      Thanks for sharing your experiences. It’s great to hear examples of what starting looks like in the real world. Keep doing your 3 things each day and good luck with the growth of your business!


  5. Satish Param says:

    Inspiration at the Right Time. Will start immediately, thanks a lot James.

  6. Joy Mo says:

    It’s so true James. You can only learn by doing it. It’s only after I started my business, I realized that many obstacles I had been worried about were easy to fix. There have been many unanticipated problems too, but there’s almost always a way to solve them.

  7. Mike says:

    I completely agree! I just went for it with my niche sites and blog and I’m glad I did. Discovery learning is the best way to go! I can’t wait to transition out of my job so I have even more time to start new projects and take more risks!

  8. Violy says:

    Yeah starting before you are ready. Very educational. You gave an idea and I’m sure this will work for me too. Thanks I enjoy reading your articles.

  9. Ferdinand says:

    I have a lot of ideas in my mind which I think could be a great thing for income. It’s just that sometimes my indecision beat me over this. I would say it is important to fight off this inner demon for us to succeed. Would you agree. Your post is truly inspiring.

  10. Steve says:

    Hi, James.

    Good summary for to Start a Business. All point of are valuable of this article, but as I think so a businessman must research before starting business for being a successful business marketplace?

  11. Chuks fabian says:

    Thanks bro. Rily lytn up my fyre

  12. Disha Sharma says:

    Great tips James for Starting a Business ! A Business owner must Be Creative as well as having full passion & desire to make a successful business. It is believed that Consistency is key component to making money in business. So consistently must be done & the things necessary to be successful Business.

  13. Pam says:

    You are right, you need to start before you are even ready. most people wait until they have everything all lined up and that is really not the best way to go.


  14. Paul says:

    Dear James, you are absolutly right. There is no better time to start your business than right now at this very moment. putting it of for a more convenient time is the biggest mistake we could ever make, perhaps almost an illussion. We must start today, to look for all the solutions not problems. Think why it should succeed and not why it might not succeed. Good luck to everyone with a dream- The universe is always on your side.

  15. Mate says:

    I liked it very much…… I have gone through each point one by one and now cleared my doubts about my about to came startup…. Still something is missing…

  16. Thk you James, that’s so inspiring me.
    More important is, we must have good self-image, big dream, then take action and risk.

    I was started my own business two years ago and I feel glad because i did the right decision. -Yoky

  17. christina says:

    Some people aren’t ready for freelancing or entrepreneurship– yet they should still keep their skills polished so they can find another corporate mother ship if their sinks– HP, Yahoo, or whoever. I founded a start-up, it’s absolutely brutal compared to being comfy at Yahoo!, yet I prefer it to the corporate life.

  18. Taran says:

    I really enjoyed your article.You have posted such good post, great writing.Thanks a lot for sharing.

  19. Daniel says:

    It seems obvious, but I didn’t even think about the fact that it is important to bookmark a site with useful content NOT low quality or nonexistent content.

  20. Love the Emerson quote and the quote from Aaron Wall is most definitely true.

  21. HT Lee says:

    I must have read this article 3 times. I’m still inspired and this time I’ll take more risk. Thanks James!

  22. Melisa says:

    Great article! No matter what I am doing throughout the day, when I get one of your emails I stop and read, I find it helps me to stay motivated and focused.

    If I win the $250 American Express card, I would use it to get new web publishing software. ours is outdated and we could realy use an overhaul!


  23. Beverly says:

    Great advice! Just the boost that I needed

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